Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 60

Required Courses:

THTR 5211
Speech for the Actor I
THTR 5212
Speech for the Actor II
THTR 5221
Acting I
THTR 5222
Acting II
THTR 5231
Vocal Production for the Actor I
THTR 5232
Vocal Production for the Actor II
THTR 5241
Dance for the Actor I
THTR 5242
Dance for the Actor II
THTR 5287
THTR 8001
Seminar in Dramatic Literature
THTR 8002
Seminar in Dramatic Literature
THTR 8211
Speech for the Actor III
THTR 8212
Speech for the Actor IV
THTR 8221
Acting III
THTR 8222
Acting IV
THTR 8231
Vocal Production for the Actor III
THTR 8232
Vocal Production for the Actor IV
THTR 8241
Dance for the Actor III
THTR 8242
Dance for the Actor IV
THTR 8985
Teach in Higher Education
THTR 9087
Graduate Ensemble Practicum
THTR 9211
Speech for the Actor V
THTR 9221
Acting V
THTR 9222
Acting VI
THTR 9231
Vocal Production for the Actor V
THTR 9232
Vocal Production for the Actor VI
THTR 9241
Dance for the Actor V
THTR 9251
Acting for the Camera
THTR 9283
Projects in Acting

Culminating Events: Completion of the degree is predicated on successfully completing required coursework and maintaining collegial relationships with faculty and fellow students. No formal thesis or other culminating event is required.