Summary of Requirements 

University Requirements

Students must complete the requirements of the General Education (GenEd) program.

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive (WI) courses as part of the major. The specific writing-intensive courses that are required for the Speech-Language-Hearing major are CSCD 2197 and CSCD 4396.

College Requirement

Students must complete the College Core Course, HRPR 1001 Public Health: The Way We Live, Work and Play.

Major Requirements

All of the following major requirements must be passed with a grade of C or better in order to successfully complete the major.

Communication Sciences & Disorders
CSCD 1108Introduction to Linguistics3
CSCD 2197Communication Deviations and Disorders (WI)3
CSCD 2201Research Methods in Communication Sciences3
CSCD 2209Phonetics and Phonology4
CSCD 2219Psycholinguistics4
CSCD 3233Basic Speech Science4
CSCD 3234Basic Hearing Science4
CSCD 3235Human Neuroscience4
CSCD 3301Speech and Language Development3
CSCD 4301Principles of Audiology3
CSCD 4396Orientation to Clinical Management (WI) 13
Related Discipline Courses
PSY 1001Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 2301Foundations of Developmental Psychology3
Biological Science
BIOL 1001Human Biology4
or BIOL 1012 General Biology II
Another course in biological science may be substituted with advisor approval.
Foreign Language
Two semesters of a foreign language at the introductory level or one at the intermediate level.
Total Credit Hours48

Recommended Electives

  • PHYS 0872 is not required for the major, but is recommended to fulfill an ASHA physical science requirement for post-graduate work, and will also fulfill one of the two GenEd Science & Technology requirements.
  • Statistics is part of the content of CSCD 2201. An additional statistics course is not required for the major, but is recommended to fulfill an ASHA statistics requirement for post-graduate work. Recommended statistics courses are the following:
    PSY 1003Statistics for Psychology3
    PSY 1004Critical Thinking in Psychology3
    EPBI 2219Biostatistics and Public Health3