Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 37

Required Courses:

Core Courses
EDUC 5402Child and Adol Develop 13
SPED 5105Assessment in Special Education3
SPED 5106Literacy Instruction for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 5107Understanding and Using Special Education Research3
SPED 5109Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Support 13
SPED 5201Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities: Effective Teaching Strategies3
SPED 5211Effective Instruction for Students with Disabilities 13
SPED 5402Effective Transition Practices for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 5666Introduction to Special Education 13
TESL 5631Foundations of Language Teaching: Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners 13
Culminating Courses
Select either Residency or Non-Residency Student Teaching and Seminar:7
Residency Student Teaching and Seminar
EDUC 5801
Residency Practicum Capstone
EDUC 5802
Residency Student Teaching Capstone
EDUC 5888
Supervised Teaching 2
Non-Residency Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC 5409
Research Methods and Induction Capstone
EDUC 5888
Supervised Teaching 2
Total Credit Hours37

Approved Courses for Students Who Have Satisfied Competencies for Instructional I Certification1

ABA 5302Effective Teaching Strategies and Academic Interventions3
ABA 5303Ethical and Legal Issues3
ABA 5304Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis3
ABA 5305Single Subject Research Design3
ABA 5306Organizational Behavior Management - OBM3
ABA 5676Applied Behavior Analysis3
ABA 8787Seminar on Verbal Behavior3
EDUC 5212Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education3
EDUC 5255Tech in Classrooms: TPCK3
ILT 5287ILT: Practicum in Instructional Technology3
ILT 5499ILT: Instructional Technology and Learning3
ILT 5639Instructional Design and Development3
SPED 5302Effective Teaching Strategies and Academic Interventions3
SPED 9287Practicum in Special Education3
TESL 5613Multilingual Students' Literacy Development3
TESL 5616Designing Assessment and Curriculum for Multilingual Students3
TESL 5621Contexts for Teaching and Learning Language3

Culminating Events: Student teaching and satisfactory completion of all coursework is required to earn the Special Education MEd.

Clearance Requirements

Students enrolled in courses that require fieldwork or internships must submit updated child abuse, criminal and drug clearances every year. Learn more about submitting clearance requirements.