College of Liberal Arts Student Scholarships and Awards

In addition to university scholarships and financial aid, the College of Liberal Arts offers more than 100 college and departmental awards and scholarships. 

The following are just a few of the scholarships available to College of Liberal Arts students. 

  • The Donald Parsons Endowed Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding College of Liberal Arts student in any year who demonstrates financial need.
  • The Ellen Stover Northup Award in International Studies is a need-based scholarship awarded to outstanding College of Liberal Arts students to assist with the costs of studying abroad for one semester, with preference given to students studying abroad for the first time.
  • The James H. Glackin Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for first-year students who exhibit academic achievement in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • The Jane D. Mackler Scholarship is awarded to first-year, sophomore and junior students who demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.
  • The Marie Rittenhouse Masters Scholarship is awarded to College of Liberal Arts students who graduated from the Philadelphia public school system and demonstrate academic achievement.
  • The Nadia Kravchenko Award is given to a nontraditional College of Liberal Arts student pursuing his or her bachelor’s degree.

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Department Scholarships

Department scholarship and award recipients are selected by the department faculty each year. If you have questions regarding departmental awards, contact your faculty advisor.

Scholarships available to undergraduate students in the Religion Major include the following opportunities.

  • The Earle E. and Orpha N. Elder Memorial Scholarship was established to support undergraduate students majoring in Religion with a preference for students planning on Christian service.
  • The J.S. Ladd Thomas Scholarship was established to provide scholarships for Religion majors, with a preference for undergraduate students who plan to enter full-time religious vocations, as well as a preference for graduate students in the Department of Religion, including ministers who are pursuing graduate study at Temple.
  • The Nelson N. Hoffman Scholarship provides assistance for Religion majors, with a preference for undergraduate students who plan to enter full-time religious vocations and graduate students in the Religion Department, with a preference for ministers who are pursuing graduate study in the Department of Religion.
  • The Religion Department Prize for Academic Excellence is given by the department to a graduating senior who has completed outstanding work. 
  • The Religious Department Merit Prize is awarded by the department to a graduating senior who has achieved academic excellence and contributed intellectually and socially to the undergraduate life of the department.

Financial Aid

Follow these steps to apply for financial aid. Learn how your student status affects your financial aid options and application process. Read about your educational grant and loan options.

Contact Student Financial Services at or 215-204-2244 with any questions you might have.

Federal Stafford Loans

Applying for federal Stafford loans requires completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). At Temple University, unsubsidized Stafford loans are available to full-time students up to a maximum amount of $20,500 annually.

Federal Work-study

Eligibility for the Federal Work-study Program is based on the applicant’s need as determined by the information on the applicants FAFSA. In addition, students must be enrolled at least half time and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students are paid biweekly for hours worked.

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