College of Liberal Arts Research

Research in the College of Liberal Arts provides graduate students opportunities to collaborate and lead initiatives that span the humanities, social sciences and STEM fields. As a public research institution, Temple equips its students with the tools and opportunities they need to pursue original ideas and create real, sustainable change in the world.

The Psychology doctoral program combines coursework with high-level research experiences that culminate in a doctoral dissertation. Students work closely with faculty members to develop a research specialty and address novel questions. For more information on the range of topics being studied in Psychology research laboratories, see our department research page.

Psychology Clinics

In addition to our research facilities, graduate students in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department have the opportunity to engage directly with patients through Temple’s community clinics.

Learn more about Temple’s psychology clinics.

Research Funding

In 2016, the National Science Foundation placed Temple University among the top 100 in terms of research expenditures, which amounted to $242 million. Learn more about the university’s research support efforts.