Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Bachelor's: 117, excluding any prerequisite coursework

Required Courses:

Year 1
Summer ICredit Hours
PHTH 8101Introduction to Physical Therapy11
PHTH 8102Teaching, Learning, Group Dynamics12
PHTH 8103Clinical Examination and Intervention Skills I12
PHTH 8105Human Anatomy I16
 Term Credit Hours11
PHTH 8107Functional Biomechanics3
PHTH 8109Human Physiology and Pathology I3
PHTH 8111Clinical Examination and Intervention Skills II3
PHTH 8113Evidence Based Practice I2
PHTH 8161Integrated Clinical Experience 11
 Term Credit Hours12
PHTH 8114Neuroscience3
PHTH 8115Human Physiology and Pathology II3
PHTH 8116Motor Control and Learning3
PHTH 8118Clinical Examination and Intervention Skills III3
PHTH 8121Clinical Electrophysiology and Biophysical Agents3
PHTH 8162Integrated Clinical Experience 21
 Term Credit Hours16
PHTH 8123Development Across the Lifespan12
PHTH 8125Clinical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions I14
PHTH 8127Clinical Management of Neuromuscular Conditions I14
PHTH 8163Integrated Clinical Experience 311
 Term Credit Hours11
Year 2
PHTH 8129Psychosocial Aspects2
PHTH 8131Clinical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions II4
PHTH 8133Clinical Management of Neuromuscular Conditions II4
PHTH 8135Clinical Management of Cardiopulmonary Conditions3
PHTH 8136Bioethics2
PHTH 8137Evidence Based Practice II2
PHTH 8164Integrated Clinical Experience 41
 Term Credit Hours18
PHTH 8138Management and Healthcare Systems2
PHTH 8139Medical Diagnostics2
PHTH 8141Clinical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions III4
PHTH 8143Management of the Medically Complex Patient3
PHTH 8145Pharmacotherapeutics2
PHTH 8146Clinical Management of Pediatrics2
PHTH 8165Integrated Clinical Experience 51
 Term Credit Hours16
PHTH 9185Clinical Experience 128
 Term Credit Hours8
Year 3
PHTH 8147Clinical Pain Sciences1
PHTH 8148Assistive Technologies2
PHTH 8151Evidence Based Practice III2
PHTH 8160Special Topics - Integrated Learning Experience1
PHTH 9285Clinical Experience 234
Select two from the following: 
PHTH 8150
Elective - Special Topics 
PHTH 8152
Elective - Musculoskeletal 
PHTH 8153
Elective - Vestibular 
PHTH 8154
Elective - Clinical Simulation 
PHTH 8155
Elective - Pediatrics 
PHTH 8156
Elective - Geriatrics 
 Term Credit Hours13
HRPR 5001Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions40
PHTH 9285Clinical Experience 254
PHTH 9385Clinical Experience 368
 Term Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours: 117

Minimum Grade for All Required Courses: B-

Culminating Events:
Clinical Experiences:
Three full-time clinical experiences are required over the course of the degree program. Additionally, beginning in the Fall term of Year 1 and throughout Year 2, five part-time clinical experiences allow students to practice and apply current didactic skills with a variety of patient populations.

The full-time clinical experiences include:

  • PHTH 9185 Clinical Experience 1, taken for 8 credits over 12 weeks in the Summer term between Years 2 and 3.

  • PHTH 9285 Clinical Experience 2, taken for 8 credits over 12 weeks beginning in the Fall term of Year 3 and extending into the Spring term of that same academic year.

  • PHTH 9385 Clinical Experience 3, taken for 8 credits over 12 weeks immediately following completion of PHTH 9285 Clinical Experience 2.

Practice Project and Comprehensive Patient Evaluation:
Several didactic and psychomotor assessments are offered throughout the curriculum to ensure student preparedness and clinical readiness. In the Fall term of Year 3, each student participates in a mentored evidence-based practice project and completes a comprehensive practical evaluation.