Research & Facilities

Students at the School of Pharmacy have numerous opportunities to contribute to real-world experiments, helmed by world-class practitioners and researchers.

Students can contribute to cutting-edge research while learning modern techniques for their professional careers in the pharmaceutical sciences. You’ll be exposed to unique perspectives on the drug discovery process and the importance of multidisciplinary, collaborative research in the modern scientific environment.

Students gain the benefit of training programs in

  • high-throughput screening,
  • manufacturing,
  • medicinal chemistry,
  • molecular modeling,
  • parallel synthesis,
  • pharmacodynamics,
  • pharmacogenomics,
  • pharmacokinetics and
  • small-molecule drug design.

Research Recognition Day

Research Recognition Day is an annual event where PharmD and graduate students present research posters. The day begins with a lecture by an invited speaker, followed by poster presentations, judging and a reception. The event concludes with an awards ceremony, where winners are provided with cash awards.


Research efforts at the School of Pharmacy focus on multidisciplinary approaches to complex scientific problems associated with a number of important disease states.  

As a result of Temple’s 2010 Drug Discovery Initiative, the School of Pharmacy has experienced a substantial expansion in its research enterprise. Since the initiative’s launch, the School of Pharmacy has established several centers of excellence for scientific study across a wide range of disciplines. In addition, a number of talented and accomplished researchers have joined the faculty and staff and established research and technology centers.

Jayne Haines Center for Pharmacogenomics and Drug Safety

The Jayne Haines Center for Pharmacogenomics and Drug Safety has been a pioneering influence in the area of genetically based drug therapy research, a topic that has gained widespread attention in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The center is engaged in studies in the following areas, among others

  • drug discovery, in collaboration with the Moulder Center;
  • genetic polymorphisms;
  • genotype effects on drug response;
  • genotyping of collected DNA;
  • molecular mechanisms of drug action;
  • new drug target discovery; and
  • pre-clinical and clinical collaborations.

View the list of publications from the Haines Center.

Oscar Perez-Leal, assistant professor
Phone: 215-707-9229

Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research

The Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research serves as a multidisciplinary research hub for the further development of scientific discoveries identified by Temple University faculty and scientists, enabling their research to move beyond the lab and into the broader research community. In addition, the Moulder Center’s unique capabilities and experienced scientists actively pursue collaborative research opportunities with external collaborators in the academic community and industrial partners both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Moulder Center actively pursues research in

  • addiction and withdrawal,
  • Alzheimer’s disease,
  • antiviral agents,
  • cancer therapeutics, and
  • cardiovascular disease.

John Karanicolas, director, Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research 

Facilities & Labs

The School of Pharmacy boasts multiple state-of-the-art facilities, including the

  • Biotherapeutics Laboratory, which focuses primarily on discovering and researching proteins for protein-based drugs.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices Services, which is one of only six university facilities in the country where students can make placebo tablets on industrial equipment, following good manufacturing practices regulations.
  • Proteomics Facility, which provides accessible proteomics capability for biological and biomedical research.  

Learn more about the School of Pharmacy’s research institutes and centers.

Research Funding

In 2016, the National Science Foundation placed Temple University among the top 100 in terms of research expenditures, which amounted to $242 million. Learn more about the university’s research support efforts.

Partnerships & Associations

Funding for School of Pharmacy research has been generously provided by several contract research programs, federally funded grants, foundations, state-funded grants and Temple University research awards.

In addition, members of the faculty have been recognized by outside scientific organizations as recipients of numerous awards, honors and invited lectureships. They routinely serve as members of National Institutes of Health study section review teams and on the scientific advisory boards of scientific and professional organizations.

Additional Facilities