In the Music BS degree program, students complete one field internship during their final year. Students may elect to take a second internship if they wish. You’ll work in the music industry, receiving real-world experience to help expand your career options after graduate. Most internships are completed over one semester, but you have the option to participate in two over the academic year. Learn more about the Music BS internship requirement.

Temple can help you find the right hands-on opportunity. Connect with your interests, meet employers and pursue meaningful internships through the Temple University Career Center.


Boyer College of Music & Dance undergraduates can pursue professional careers across a variety of fields. You can also choose to further your education with a graduate master’s or doctoral degree in a variety of disciplines. 

Career options available to students with a BS in Music include 

  • conducting, 
  • library science, 
  • music editing, 
  • music journalism,
  • music teaching, and
  • recording and producing.

Career Services

Boyer College of Music and Dance provides small class sizes, intimate performance ensembles and a tight-knit academic community. Faculty members mentor students on an individual basis, helping them seek out internships and job opportunities.

You may also connect with the university’s Career Center for support during your job or internship search. Drop in for a short visit or schedule a 30-minute coaching session to discuss components of your professional profile, including your résumé and LinkedIn presence. Learn more about Temple’s Career Center.