Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Total Number of Credits Required to Earn the Degree:  60

Required Courses:

Project and Seminar Courses
CRFT 8401/8402Graduate Seminar, Metals (4 terms) 112
CRFT 8483/8484Graduate Projects, Metals (4 terms) 112
CRFT 9484Graduate Thesis Exhibition: Metals (1 term)3
CRFT 9495Graduate Thesis Research: Metals (2 terms)6
TYLE 8001Graduate Professional Practices (1 term)3
Art History Courses 212
Studio Electives 312
Total Credit Hours60

Culminating Events:
Thesis Exhibition:
An approved thesis exhibition, written statement of working philosophy, and slide and/or CD portfolio are required at the final review in order to meet M.F.A. requirements. The thesis exhibition should be the fruit of the two years' studio research and practice in which the student engaged. The student defends her/his thesis exhibition to the review committee. The committee then evaluates the exhibition as pass with distinction, pass, or fail.