Summary of Requirements

This is an upper-level program. Admitted students begin the program in the fall of their junior year and must have 55 credits completed by that semester. Transfer students must have their transfer credits evaluated by the Admissions Office and must meet general and prerequisite requirements of the program.

University Requirements

All students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum (Analytical Reading & Writing, Mosaic I and II, Arts, Human Behavior, Global/World Society, U.S. Society, Race & Diversity, Science & Technology, Quantitative Literacy).

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses at Temple as part of the major. The writing-intensive courses for this major are HIM 3297 and HIM 4298.

College Requirement

All CPH students must complete the College Core Course, HRPR 1001 Public Health: The Way We Live, Work and Play.

Clearance Requirements

Please note the Health Information Management program requires students to complete internships at facilities both on and off the University campus. These placements may require criminal background checks, Act 33/34 clearances and perhaps a drug screen. Placements may also require the student to maintain personal health insurance. The results of these requirements may limit and potentially eliminate placement options which can, in turn, result in an inability to meet graduation requirements.

Program Requirements

Students in the HIM program are required to satisfy the following prerequisite courses (before or while applying to the program) and professional courses (after being admitted to the program). A grade of C or better is required for all prerequisite and professional courses (a grade of C- is not acceptable).

Health Information Management Prerequisites:

MATH 1013Elements of Statistics3
or PSY 1167 Foundations in Statistical Methods
or SOC 1167 Social Statistics
KINS 1223Human Anatomy and Physiology I 13-4
or KINS 1221 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I
KINS 1224Human Anatomy and Physiology II 13-4
or KINS 1222 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II
CIS 1055Computers and Applications (or successfully pass the computer competency test)4
HIM 1101Medical Terminology3
HPM 2214Politics and Payments in US Healthcare System3
HIM 2215Health Information Management IT Fundamentals3
Total Credit Hours22-24

Health Information Management Professional Courses:

HIM 3101Health Record Documentation 23
HIM 3106Pathophysiology3
HIM 3107Health Information Management Leadership and Strategic Management3
HIM 3111Statistics and Research in Health Care3
HIM 3113Healthcare Database Design and Development3
HIM 3203Electronic Health Record Systems3
HIM 3208International Classification of Diseases3
HIM 3212Clinical Procedures2
HIM 3214Pharmacology1
HIM 3271Professional Development1
HIM 3297Health Information Management Human Resource Management (WI)3
HIM 4101Health Informatics: Infrastructure and Standards3
HIM 4102Legal Aspects of Health Information Management3
HIM 4207Healthcare Quality Improvement3
HIM 4105Current Procedural Terminology Coding3
HIM 4113Healthcare Reimbursement Systems3
HIM 4121Healthcare Data Analytics1
HIM 4185Professional Practice Internship1
HIM 4202Health Information Management Project Management3
HIM 4206Intermediate Coding3
HIM 4104Health Information Management Operations Management3
HIM 4286Management Internship4
HIM 4298Health Information Management Senior Seminar (WI)3
Total Credit Hours61

You should consult with your advisor for information on the distinctions between Anatomy and Physiology selection sequence and its implication for your degree and career goals. Satisfactory completion of the KINS 1221 and KINS 1222 sequence or the KINS 1223 and KINS 1224 sequence will meet the two-course GenEd Science and Technology requirement.  Courses are similar, but not interchangeable and must be taken in the correct sequence. Students choosing the KINS 1221 and KINS 1222 sequence may need to take an additional 2-credit elective to meet credit hours degree graduation requirement. Please see a departmental academic advisor for clarification.


The professional courses follow a strict semester-by-semester sequence that requires careful attention to registration dates. See a departmental academic advisor for help planning your professional course registration.


6 credits. Strongly recommended electives include business writing electives.