Certificate Requirements

Number of Credits Required to Complete the Certificate: 12

Required Courses:

GSWS 8001Feminist and Queer Studies 13
GSWS 9991Research Seminar 23
Electives 36
Total Credit Hours12

GSWS 8001 is offered annually in the Fall term.


GSWS 9991 is offered annually in the Spring term.


Students take 6 credits of approved courses focusing on gender and/or sexuality from their own department, if enrolled in a graduate degree program at Temple, or any academic department at Temple University, as identified in the list below. Note that the following list is not exhaustive, and students may request permission to take other gender/sexuality-themed courses on a case-by-case basis.

Approved Electives with a Gender and/or Sexuality Theme

AAAS 9645
Seminar in the African American Woman
ANTH 5355
Anthropology of Sexuality and Gender
ANTH 5358
Race and Class in North America
CJ 8202
CPSY 5526
Multicultural Counseling
CPSY 8789
Seminar in Race, Culture, and Gender in Psychotherapy
DANC 8872
Educating Dance
DANC 9861
Dance and the Gendered Body: Historical Perspectives
EDAD 5615
Gender Issues in Education
EPBI 8011
Social Epidemiology
GUS 5097
Race, Class, Gender in Cities
HIED 5801
Gender Issues in Education
HIST 5231
HIST 5800
Comparative Women's History
HIST 8009
HIST 8402
Jewish History
HIST 8707
History of Sexuality
KINS 9403
Sociology of Kinesiology
MLA 5150
Topics in Gender Studies
PHIL 5217
Feminist Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science
RCTH 5212
Play and Pediatric Development
REL 8012
Religion and Sexuality
REL 8401
Race, Gender, Class and Ethnicity in Ancient Near East
SOC 5321
SOC 8401
Sexuality and Gender
SOC 8411
Gender and Body
SSWG 8603
Advanced Human Behavior and the Social Environment - Gender and Sexuality through the Lifespan
SSWG 8607
Advanced Policy - Gender and Sexuality

GPA Required to be Awarded the Certificate: 3.0 minimum