Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 36

Required Courses:

College Core Course
HRPR 5001Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions0
Core Courses
EPBI 5101Fundamentals of Epidemiology3
EPBI 5201Epidemiological Research Methods I3
EPBI 8001Research Methods in Public Health3
EPBI 8202Epidemiological Research Methods II3
Choose three from the following:
ENVH 8207
Environmental Epidemiology
EPBI 5204
Mental Health Epidemiology
EPBI 5500
Seminar in Current Issues in Public Health
EPBI 8011
Social Epidemiology
EPBI 8205
Chronic Disease Epidemiology
EPBI 8206
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
EPBI 8208
Data Management and Analysis 1
EPBI 8209
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
GUS 5071
Medical Geography
Advanced Quantitative Methods Courses9
Choose three from the following:
EPBI 5002
Biostatistics 2
EPBI 8012
Multivariate Biostatistics
EPBI 8201
Structural Equation Modeling
EPBI 8204
Multilev Mod in Int Res
EPBI 8208
Data Management and Analysis 1
EPSY 8625
Intermediate Educational Statistics
EPSY 8826
Multivariate Research Methods
SOC 8211
Inferential and Multivariate Statistics
STAT 8103
Sampling Theory
STAT 8105
Univariate Time Series Analysis
STAT 8106
Linear Models I
STAT 8107
Design of Experiments I
STAT 8108
Applied Multivariate Analysis I
STAT 8116
Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 8117
Clinical Trials
Non-Didactic Courses
EPBI 9996Masters Res in Pub Hlth (2 terms)6
Total Credit Hours36

Course may selected as an elective or as an advanced quantitative methods course, but not in both categories.


EPBI 5002 Biostatistics is highly recommended.

Culminating Events:
The master's thesis documents the student's independent research and demonstrates mastery of her/his primary area of interest. Thesis research is conducted under the direct supervision of an academic advisor. The specific topic for research should be of current interest in the professional community. After a research topic is selected, the student performs preliminary background research. A thesis proposal is then submitted describing the plan for further steps toward completion of the proposed research. The student may continue the research only after the proposal is approved by the committee. Presentation of methods and study results is conducted upon completion of the thesis.