Certificate Programs

There are several undergraduate certificate options available to students in the Boyer College of Music and Dance. The certificates are intended to complement baccalaureate programs, allowing you to specialize in the area of music that aligns with your interests. 

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How to Apply 

To apply, fill out an application. There is no application fee. 

To be accepted into a certificate program, students must be in good academic standing and have completed at least 15 credits at Temple University by the initial requested semester of certificate coursework. 

Note: Only one certificate may be selected, and students may only pursue a certificate alongside their bachelor’s degree. No certificate program will be recognized as stand-alone. Certificate programs will not be available to any applicant after completion of the bachelor’s degree. 

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Audition Submissions

Undergraduate students interested in the Dance Certificate (Undergraduate) will need to submit to a two-minute DVD recording of a self-created dance routine. The dance should align to a specific dance genre and show abilities to develop fluid movement.

Program Availability

The Dance Certificate (Undergraduate) is only available to non-dance majors.

Admissions Deadlines

  • Fall: May 15
  • Spring: Nov. 30


Norma Porter is the representative for dance admissions and recruitment.
Phone: 215-204-0533
Email: dance@temple.edu