Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
CIS 5003Networking & Operating Systems3
CIS 5107Comp Systems Security&Privacy3
CIS 5405Introduction to Digital Forensics3
CIS 5415Ethical Hacking and Intrusion Forensics3
Capstone Course
CIS 9995Capstone Project3
Total Credit Hours30

Additional Requirement: All graduate-level courses must be passed with a "B-" or better.

Culminating Events:
Capstone Project:
Each student is given a real security problem. Phase 1 relates to compliance: identifying how the security problem affects the organization and which regulations/standards are to be considered. Phase 2 is the technical piece: identifying network and application vulnerabilities; performing forensics (chain of custody); and documenting findings. In Phase 3, all findings from Phases 1 and 2 are presented to the executive body of the affected organization and the faculty mentor(s).