Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All new students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum. Note that students not continuously enrolled who have not been approved for a Leave of Absence or study elsewhere must follow University requirements current at the time of re-enrollment.

College Requirements

Students must meet College Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration including the requirements of the major listed below. Business Management students must attain a 2.0 GPA in the major and a 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to graduate. To calculate the GPA in the major, use the major GPA calculator.

Major Requirements

Students must follow the Major Requirements and College Requirements current at the time of declaration. Students not continuously enrolled who have not been approved for a Leave of Absence or study elsewhere must follow University, College, and Major requirements current at the time of re-enrollment.

Requirements of Business Management

HRM 3501Power, Influence and Negotiation3
HRM 3503Communicating in Organizations3
HRM 4597Critical Skills for Effective Managers 1,23
Select three of the following:9
ECON 3507/3597
Health Economics
ECON 3511
The Economics and Management of Privatization
ECON 3513
Economics of State and Local Governments
ECON 3522
Economic Theory of Networks
ECON 3531
History of Economic Theory
ECON 3532
Economic History of the United States
ECON 3535
Public Control of Business: Antitrust
ECON 3536
Economics of American Industry
ECON 3537
Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 3541
The Economics of Sports
ECON 3546
Women in the Economy
ECON 3547
Economics of Development and Growth
ECON 3548
Behavioral Economics
HCM 3501
Introduction to Health Services Systems
HCM 3502
Healthcare Financing and Information Technology
HRM 2501
Introduction to Human Resource Management
HRM 3504
Leadership in the 21st Century
HRM 3505
Sustainable Organizational Leadership
IB 2501
Fundamentals of Asian Business
or ASST 2511
Introduction to Asian Business
IB/LAS 2502
Fundamentals of Latin American Business
LGLS 1112
Law for Business
or LGLS 1102
Law of Contracts
LGLS 3504
Sports and the Law
LGLS 3506
Law, Technology and E-Commerce
LGLS 3509
Entertainment Law
LGLS 3511
Environmental Law and Sustainability
MKTG 3501
Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 3504
Sales and Sales Management
RE 3501
Real Estate Fundamentals
RE 3502
Real Estate Practice
SGM 3501
Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking
Total Credit Hours18

This major capstone is taken in the final semester, and all prerequisites must be met.


Students cannot receive academic credit towards graduation requirements for both HRM 3502 and HRM 4597. If a student takes both, one of the courses will be deducted from the overall credits applicable towards graduation requirements.