Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
BA 5687Advanced Professional Development Strategies 10
STAT 5001Quantitative Methods for Business3
STAT 5602Visualization: The Art of Numbers and the Psychology of Persuasion3
STAT 5603Statistical Learning and Data Mining3
STAT 5604Experiments: Knowledge by Design3
STAT 5605Decision Models: From Data to Decisions3
STAT 5606Data: Care, Feeding, and Cleaning in Python3
STAT 5607Advanced Business Analytics3
Select two from the following: 26
BA 5685
Internship or Externship in Business
FIN 5001
Financial Analysis and Strategy
FIN 5104
Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN 5115
Financial Modeling for Investments and Corporate Finance
MKTG 5103
Marketing Research: Techniques and Application
MKTG 5111
Customer Data Analytics
MKTG 5617
Advanced Modalities
MKTG 5618
Quantitative Pricing and Revenue Analytics
MSOM 5001
Operations Management
MSOM 5107
Lean, Six Sigma, and the Science of Improvement
MSOM 5108
Project Management
SCM 5101
Supply Chain Analytics
STAT 5170
Special Topics
STAT 5182
Independent Study
STAT 5190
Special Topics - Stat
STAT 8109
Applied Statistics and Data Science
STAT 8111
Survey Techniques for Business Applications
STAT 8116
Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 8122
Advanced SAS Programming
Capstone Course3
BA 5685
Internship or Externship in Business 3
or STAT 5651
Capstone in Analytics
Total Credit Hours30

BA 5687 may be waived based on prior academic or professional preparation. Students should consult with the Academic Director.


Two courses are required. Students should pursue a combination of electives that supports their educational and career goals. Note that in all cases, students are responsible for completing prerequisites. They are also encouraged to consult with the Academic Director or advisor when making their course selections. Alternate courses may be taken with permission from the Academic Director. 


Permission from the Academic Director is required to enroll in BA 5685 Internship or Externship in Business as an elective. This permission, however, does not guarantee that the course will fulfill the capstone requirement. The Academic Director must grant a second permission for BA 5685 to count for the capstone.

Culminating Event:
Capstone Course:
All students in the Business Analytics MS program participate in a capstone experience that is designed to integrate real-world problems into the curriculum. Students may choose between BA 5685 Internship or Externship in Business and STAT 5651 Capstone in Analytics. For STAT 5651, a sponsoring corporation provides a problem and real data, and students divide into teams to work on the problem. At the end of the term, the top several groups as judged by professors present to the program's advisory board and other corporate judges.