Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 36

Required Courses:

Core Courses
ABA 5302Effective Teaching Strategies and Academic Interventions3
ABA 5303Ethical and Legal Issues3
ABA 5304Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis3
ABA 5305Single Subject Research Design3
ABA 5306Organizational Behavior Management - OBM3
or PSY 8610 Topical Seminar in Organizational-Social
ABA 5307Experimental Analysis of Behavior - EAB3
ABA 5676Applied Behavior Analysis3
ABA 8787Seminar on Verbal Behavior3
ABA 9387Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis 16
Culminating Project
ABA 9991Applied Research Experience 26
Total Credit Hours36

Students are required to take two 150-hour practica for 3 credits each: ABA 9387 Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis. Acceptable practicum sites are those engaged in applied behavior analysis practice/research with the ability to provide ongoing supervision to students in the discipline. A list of approved sites is available, although other sites can be approved by the program.


ABA 9991 Applied Research Experience (3 s.h.) is taken twice for credit.

Culminating Event:
Applied Research Experience:
Students are required to select a research project and participate in supervised research activities through ABA 9991. They develop a research question and then may conduct a literature review, develop and/or follow a research protocol, collect and analyze data, and/or report research results as part of their research experience.

Clearance Requirements

Students enrolled in courses that require fieldwork or internships must submit updated child abuse, criminal and drug clearances every year. Learn more about submitting clearance requirements.