Requirements for the Degree

Summary of Requirements

  1. University requirements:
    1. New students are required to complete the General Education (GenEd) curriculum.
    2. All students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are ADV 1196 and ADV 4197.
  2. Lew Klein College of Media and Communication requirements, including KLN 1001.
  3. Minimum of 48 credits in Advertising courses.
  4. A grade of C or higher must be attained in all required Advertising courses.
  5. An overall GPA of 2.0 must be attained in the major.
  6. No more than 12 semester hours of transfer credits may be applied to Advertising major requirements.

Advertising Requirements

1000-Level Core Requirements


ADV 1101

Introduction to Media and Society

ADV 1102

Introduction to Advertising

ADV 1196

Persuasive Writing

ADV 1103

Digital Media and Advertising

2000-Level Core Requirements


Required Course

ADV 2131

Introduction to Media Planning

Select two of the following:

ADV 2111

Introduction to Marketing

ADV 2121

Introduction to Copywriting

ADV 2141

Introduction to Brand Strategy and Research

ADV 2151

Introduction to Art Direction: Visual Communication

Upper-Level Requirements


ADV 4197

Advanced Writing for Academic and Professional Communication

Select one of the following:

ADV 3002

Advertising and Society

ADV 3006

Representation in the Media

ADV 3007

Psychology of Advertising

ADV 3012

Legal and Moral Issues in Advertising

Select one of the following:

ADV 3171

Diamond Edge Communication 1

ADV 3185

Advertising Internship 1

Select one of the following:

ADV 4102

Advertising Campaigns

ADV 4103

National Student Advertising Competition 1

Concentration Requirements


Advertising Electives


Select a minimum of 6 credits from the following list:

ADV 1000

Topics in Advertising 1

ADV 1001

Introduction to Digital Design Tools for Advertising

ADV 2001

Intermediate Digital Design Tools for Advertising

ADV 2052

Introduction to Typography

ADV 2057

Creating and Filming Advertising from Script to Screen

ADV 2102

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Advertising

ADV 2103

Introduction to Web Design and Development for Advertising

ADV 2104

Personal Branding

ADV 3000

Topics in Advertising 3000

ADV 3003

National Student Advertising Competition Preparation

ADV 3004

Klein Online Marketing Challenge

ADV 3008

Television Promotion: On-Air, Online, On Social

ADV 3011

Data Visualization and Advertising

ADV 3042

Quantitative Advertising Research

ADV 3101

Creative Thinking for Advertising

Total Credit Hours