Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
EDUC 5255Tech in Classrooms: TPCK 13
EPSY 5529Tests and Measurements 23
or EDUC 5101 Critical Understanding of Social Science Research
Select one course on diversity in the school system from the following: 33
AOD 5524
Sociocultural Dynamics
DSST 5402
Action Modes of Research
DSST 5403
Disability and Social Policy
TESL 5621
Contexts for Teaching and Learning Language
URBE 5401
Policy and Practice in Urban Education
URBE 5501
Urban Schools
URBE 5565
The Origins of Urban Education
Select one course on individual differences from the following: 43
DSST 5401
Disability Rights and Culture
SPED 5211
Effective Instruction for Students with Disabilities
TESL 5613
Multilingual Students' Literacy Development
TESL 5615
Teaching English in a Global Context
Electives 515
Capstone Course
EDAD 5201Action and Collaborative Research Seminar3
or EDUC 9991 Research Apprenticeship
Total Credit Hours30

With documented approval from the student's advisor, another educational technology course may be selected. 


With documented approval from the student's advisor, another research methods course may be selected. 


With documented approval from the student's advisor, another course focused on diversity in the school system may be selected. 


With documented approval from the student's advisor, another course focusing on individual differences may be selected. 


Students select five courses from within or outside of the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) to tailor the degree to their needs and interests. It is recommended that students in this program use their electives to pursue a graduate certificate, including Data-Driven Decision Making, Disability Studies, English as a Second Language, Instructional Learning Technology, and Urban Education from CEHD or Computer Science Instruction from the College of Science and Technology. Some of these suggested certificates offer fewer than the required 15 credits of elective coursework for the Accomplished Teaching MSEd program. Additional courses needed to complete 15 elective credits should be selected with documented approval from the student's advisor.  

Culminating Event:
Capstone Course:
Students execute an action-research project as part of EDAD 5201 OR EDUC 9991.

Clearance Requirements

Students enrolled in courses that require fieldwork or internships must submit updated child abuse, criminal and drug clearances every year. Learn more about submitting clearance requirements.