Dr. Ruth Ochia is a Professor of Instruction in Bioengineering at Temple University. Dr. Ochia’s area of expertise involves the biomechanics of human injury, with special emphasis on the areas of spine trauma and degeneration, and occupant kinematics in automobile collisions. Dr. Ochia has also performed research in degenerative disc disease and low back pain. She has extensive experience in bioengineering, primarily focusing on spine-related injuries and degeneration. Her skills include in vitro biomechanical testing in human and animal specimens, in vivo imaging, and analysis in humans and project management of large-scale government research grants.

Her current interests are in engineering education and curricular assessment with specific focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in engineering design teams, as well as, student engagement and motivation at the undergraduate level. This new research area has resulted in several publications, grant funding, and invited conference talks.

Research Interests

  • Undergraduate Engineering Education
  • Biomechanics
  • Spine Trauma
  • Low Back Pain and Spine-Related Injury

Courses Taught




BIOE 0844

The Bionic Human


BIOE 2312

Mechanics for Bioengineering I


BIOE 2401

Biodesign - Needs and Ideation


BIOE 3312

Mechanics for Bioengineering II


BIOE 3401

Biodesign - Testing and Validation


BIOE 4101

BioE Lab #3 - Biomechanics


Selected Publications


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