Dr. Quaiser Abdullah teaches courses on adult learning, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, organizational development, research methods and technology in educational settings in the Department of Policy, Organizational and Leadership Studies. Dr. Abdullah’s research interests center around leadership, organizational development, and identity and conflict. He has a number of published interviews on the topic of religion and identity in public spaces in various news media. He plans to continue his research in the area of leadership development and how it impacts identity formation in minority communities. He is currently seeking funding for a research project on conflict resolution training in Muslim private schools and parochial schools in the United States. He is also a frequent guest presenter to local and national audiences on topics relating to Islam, identity, and conflict. Quaiser is a certified conflict resolution in education trainer, professional coach, positive discipline educator and a trained mediator and conflict coach. He is also a Conwell Fellow and was recently awarded a Temple-funded grant to develop a course on social entrepreneurship and help coordinate workshops centering on social entrepreneurship as it relates to workforce development.

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Research Interests

  • Conflict Resolution and Communication Management
    Religion (Islam) and Identity Formation and Management
    Leadership Development and Communication

Courses Taught




CSI 1111

Introduction to Public Speaking


CSI 2401

Intercultural and Cross Cultural Conflict


CSI 3801

Social Science Research Methods of Social Influence


CSI 4111

Senior Seminar


CSI 4402

Multiparty Conflict Proceses: Dialogue, Facilitation and Multiparty Mediation


Selected Publications

  • Abdullah, Q.D. (2015). Danaa Abdullah: Exemplar of Community Leadership. In S.J. Gross & J.P. Shapiro (Eds.), Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership: Reclaiming School Reform. New York: Routledge Publications. Retrieved from