Dr. Jennifer Ibrahim is interim dean for the College of Public Health, tenured associate professor in the Department of Health Services Administration and Policy and the associate director of the National Program Office for Public Health Law Research. Jennifer has been recognized by her peers as an outstanding teacher as evidenced by the award of all of Temple University’s teaching awards, including the highest honor, the Great Teacher Award, and multiple national awards. In addition to her achievements in teaching and mentoring graduate students, she has maintained a funded research agenda in the area of health policy, including work on legal infrastructure, the dynamic relationship between public health lawyers and practitioners and work on tobacco control policymaking.

Curriculum Vitae 

Courses Taught




HRPR 5001

Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health and Health Professions


HRPR 8985

Teaching in Higher Education: Health Professions


HRPR 8987

Teaching in Higher Education Practicum


Selected Publications

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