Summary of Requirements

The Bachelor of Music in Composition is conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 124 credits. 

University Requirements

  • All students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum.
  • All students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses. The specific writing-intensive courses required for the major are MUST 3696 and MUST 3896.

Program Requirements

General Education courses32
Music Theory
MUST 1711Theory I4
MUST 1712Theory II4
MUST 2711Theory III4
MUST 2712Theory IV4
MUST 3896Theory Seminar II3
Music History
MUST 2703Music in History3
MUST 2704Music in History3
MUST 3696Music in History3
MUST 4717Counterpoint3
MUST 3713Orchestration3
MUST 1758Composition Lesson I3
MUST 1759Composition Lesson II3
MUST 2758Composition Lesson III3
MUST 2759Composition Lesson IV3
MUST 3758Composition Lesson V3
MUST 3759Composition Lesson VI3
MUST 4758Composition Lesson VII3
MUST 4759Composition Lesson VIII3
Intermediate Conducting
MUSC 2323Basic Conducting1
MUSC 2324Conducting Intermediate1
Secondary Piano
MUSC 1405Secondary Piano for Music Majors1
MUSC 1406Secondary Piano for Music Majors1
MUSC 2405Secondary Piano for Music Majors1
MUSC 2406Secondary Piano for Music Majors1
Music Technology
MUST 4712Computer Synthesis of Music3
MUST 4720New Music Seminar1
MUST 4723Score Reading3
MUST 4724Printing Music Scores and Parts3
MUST 4727Electronic Music Composition: Practice, History, Theory3
MUST 4710Early Music Ensemble1
Take any combination of the following eight courses for a total of 2 credits:2
MUSC 1428
Accompanying and Piano Ensemble
MUSC 1429
Accompanying and Piano Ensemble
MUSC 3300
Choral Ensemble
MUSC 4300
Concert Choir
MUSC 4310
Graduate Conductors Choir
MUSC 4500
Instrumental Ensemble
MUSC 4510
Instrumental Ensemble
MUSC 4520
Take a total of three Music Studies elective credits from MUST 1000-49993
Take a total of three Music Elective credits within the following subject areas:3
MUSC 1000-4999
MUED 1000-4999
MUST 1000-4999
Free Electives6
Total Credit Hours124