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Esther Boyer College of Music

2001 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6079.
(215) 204-7609,
(215) 204-8301,
(215) 204-4957 (FAX)

Degree Programs:

Graduate Faculty
Graduate Programs
Application Deadlines
Program Standards

Master of Music and Master of Music Therapy Degree

Professional Studies in Performance

Doctoral Programs in Music
--Ph.D in Music Education
--DMA in Composition
--DMA in Performance

Course Descriptions

Department of Dance

309 Vivacqua Hall,
Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA 19122,
(215) 204-6260.

Degree Programs:

General Statement
Graduate Faculty
Application Deadlines
EdM in Dance
MFA in Dance
PhD in Dance
Course Descriptions


Esther Boyer College of Music and Department of Dance


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Direct inquiries to: Dr. Steven Kreinberg, Associate Dean, Esther Boyer College of Music,
2001 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6079, 215-204-8301, 215-204-4957 (Fax)

Jeffrey Cornelius, Ed.D., Dean

Steven Kreinberg, Ed.D., Assistant Dean

Richard Brodhead, M.A., Director of Graduate Studies

Graduate Faculty

Charles Abramovic, Associate Professor, D.M.A., Temple University; Christine Anderson, Associate Professor, D.M.A., University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music; Beth Bolton, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Temple University; Richard Brodhead, Associate Professor, A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Kenneth E. Bruscia, Professor, Ph.D., New York University; David Cannata, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., New York University; Philip Y. Cho, Professor, M.M., The Juilliard School of Music; Arthur Chodoroff, Professor, M.M., Temple University; Matthew Colucci, Professor, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania; Jeffrey M. Cornelius, Professor and Dean, Ed.D., Temple University; Roger A. Dean, Professor, D.M.A., University of Oregon; Cheryl Dileo, Professor, Ph.D., Louisiana State University; John Douglas, Associate Professor, M.M., Bowling Green State University; Paul Epstein, Professor, M.A., University of California at Berkeley; Steven Estrella, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Temple University; Alexander D. Fiorillo, Professor, M.M., The Catholic University of America; Ed Flanagan, Assistant Professor, M.A., Temple University; Cynthia Folio, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Rochester; Matthew Greenbaum, Associate Professor, Ph.D., City University of New York; Alan Harler, Professor, M.M., University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music; John Johnson, Professor, M.M., University of Texas;Michael Klein, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo; Steven Kreinberg, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Ed.D., Temple University; Jan Krzywicki, Associate Professor, M.M., Philadelphia Musical Academy; Helen Kwalwasser, Professor, The Juilliard School of Music; Joyce Lindorff, Associate Professor, D.M.A., The Juilliard School of Music; Dugg McDonough, Associate Professor, M.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Klara B. Meyers, Professor, National Academy, Budapest; Robin Moore, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; Lambert Orkis, Professor, M.M., Temple University; Gail B. Poch, Professor, M.Ed., Temple University; Jeffrey Solow, Professor, B.A., University of California at Los Angeles; Glenn A. Steele, Professor, M.M., Temple University; Maria del Pico Taylor, Professor, M.M., Northwestern University; Brad Townsend, Assistant Professor, D.Ed., Pennsylvania State University; Lawrence Wagner, Professor, M.M., The Catholic University of America; Darrel L. Walters, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Michigan; Harvey Wedeen, Professor, M.S., The Juilliard School of Music; Stephen Willier, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois; Maurice Wright, Professor, D.M.A., Columbia University; Janet M. Yamron, Professor and Associate Dean, M.Ed., Temple University; Steven Zohn, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Cornell University.

Adjunct Faculty

Alan Abel, Percussion, Philadelphia Orchestra; Luis Biava, Artistic Director, Temple University Symphony Orchestra, Principal Second Violin and Resident Conductor, Philadelphia Orchestra; Bernard Garfield, Principal Bassoon, Philadelphia Orchestra; Anthony Gigliotti, Principal Clarinet, Philadelphia Orchestra; Louis Rosenblatt, Oboe and English Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra; Seymour Rosenfeld, (on leave), Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra; Richard Woodhams, Principal Oboe, Philadelphia Orchestra.

Mission Statement

The Esther Boyer College of Music is committed to nurturing and advancing music as a form of human expression, as an art, and as a subject for intellectual inquiry.

Recognizing that music possesses unique powers - to move the spirit, to excite the mind, to reveal the past, to chart the future, to instruct, to heal, and to foster communication - the College seeks to perpetuate music in its myriad forms through creative and scholarly work, teaching, and service, according to the highest artistic and academic standards.

As an integral part of Temple University, the Boyer College shares the ideals of Russell Conwell upon which Temple was founded: to recognize talent and personal potential wherever they may be found; to provide educational opportunities for meritorious students of limited financial means; and to serve as a constructive presence in the wider Philadelphia community.

Institutional Objectives

In carrying out its mission, the Boyer College seeks both to continue the long tradition of artistry and scholarship that we have inherited, and to develop new insights, perspectives, and practices. This dual objective - to explore both past and future, old and new - is reflected broadly in the life of the College: in curricula and instruction; institutional policy; the professional activities of faculty; advisement of students; and musical performances.

For the art of music to remain vital, our culture must develop both highly-trained, professional musicians and informed, perceptive listeners. Accordingly, the College recognizes its responsibility to provide professional education to the student seeking a career in music, to provide opportunities for the general University student to study and experience music, and to share its musical life with the public.

Graduate Programs

The Esther Boyer College of Music offers graduate work leading to the following degrees:

Master of Music

Master of Music Therapy

Doctor of Musical Arts

Doctor of Philosophy

The programs are designed to provide opportunities for advanced study and research in music. Programs of graduate study are administered by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean in conjunction with the Graduate Curriculum and Policy Committee, and other collegial committees, a portion of whose responsibilities relate to the graduate program.