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Financial Aid


Graduate tuition at Temple University is charged per credit hour. Courses numbered 400 and above are offered for graduate credit only. Courses numbered 100 to 399 are offered for undergraduate credit but may be taken for graduate credit if the student receives approval from the instructor, the studentís departmental chair, and the Graduate School Dean. The student must pay graduate tuition for the course. See "Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Courses" entry in the University Regulation section of this Bulletin for more information.

For the 1999-2000 academic year, tuition is as follows:


per credit hour Resident Non-resident
Graduate $335 $461
Tyler School of Art $346 $481
Richard J. Fox School of Business and Management $348 $488
Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy $349 $481
Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs $458 $604

Tuition is due in full at the time of registration, or on an installment plan throughout the semester, unless otherwise specified.

There will be no refunds, credits, or reduction of charges for courses not attended or for withdrawals not in accordance with the Withdrawal Policy (See "Withdrawal from the University").

Tuition is subject to change by the University's Board of Trustees.

Pennsylvania Resident Status

A student will be classified as a Pennsylvania resident for tuition remission purposes if residency is established within the following guidelines:

A student who has resided in Pennsylvania for a purpose other than pursuing higher education for a continuous 12-month period immediately prior to registration at Temple or any other college or university within the state is presumed to be a resident of Pennsylvania. A student who comes to Pennsylvania primarily or solely for the purpose of pursuing his or her education will not be considered a Pennsylvania resident for tuition. Students under 22 are presumed to have the domicile of their parents or guardians. A student who receives financial aid based on residence in a state other than Pennsylvania may not be considered a resident of Pennsylvania. A student attempting to establish Pennsylvania residency must be a citizen of the United States or must hold a valid immigration visa. A student who does not qualify for such presumption must present convincing evidence to establish Pennsylvania residency. Such evidence may include some or all of the following: lease or purchase of a permanent Pennsylvania residence; payment of Pennsylvania taxes; transferred bank accounts, stock, automobile, and other registered property to Pennsylvania; acquisition of Pennsylvania driverís license; registration to vote in the State of Pennsylvania; acceptance of permanent full-time employment in Pennsylvania upon graduation; continuous presence in Pennsylvania during significant periods when not enrolled as a student; membership in Pennsylvania social, athletic, civic, political, and/or religious organizations; an affidavit of intention to reside indefinitely in Pennsylvania.

A copy of the complete statement of guidelines and appeal procedure for Pennsylvania residency may be obtained from the Office of Academic Records on the second floor of Conwell Hall.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition charges for course(s) which students wish to drop will be refunded in full only if an official drop request is submitted and processed within a specified time, as follows:

Fall/Spring semesters: the first two weeks

Summer sessions: the first three days

After these periods, there will be no refunds, credits, or reduction of charges for courses dropped or withdrawals transacted.

Withdrawal from a course after the last week of classes is permitted only with the approval of the Graduate School. Graduate students are not permitted to withdraw without penalty from courses which they are failing. For information on complete withdrawal from the University see "Withdrawal from the University" in this Bulletin.


The following fees are typical of those which a student will encounter.

  • Graduate application fee $40.00

  • Matriculation fee (required upon   acceptance into a graduate program)   $10.00
  • General activity fee $25.00  (for full time students)
  • Health fee $35.00 (for full time students)
  • Records Maintenance $25.00/semester (for those students on leave of absence)
  • Transcript fee $6.00
  • Program Transfer fee $10.00
  • Dissertation Processing fee $50.00
  • Dissertation Microfilming fee $55.00
  • Dissertation Copyright fee (optional) $45.00
  • Graduation fee $25.00
  • Certificate fee $25.00
  • Reexamination in Language $10.00
  • Computer and Technology fee $50.00/semester*
  • Diploma Mailing fee $5.50

The University reserves the right to change fees without notice.

*This fee is prorated for students registered for fewer than 9 credit hours.