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The rules and regulations stated in this Bulletin are announcements and in no way serve as a contract between the student and the University. Prospective and current students are responsible for consulting individual offices and departments concerning the latest information on programs, services, and other information contained in this Bulletin. In compiling this Bulletin, we have tried to be as accurate and complete as possible. In any university, however, offices, programs, and services change from time to time. We offer our apologies for being unable to present changes that may be made after this Bulletin is printed.


When students register, they agree to comply with the appropriate rules of conduct established and enforced by the University. Prospective and current students are responsible for knowing the contents of all applicable codes, procedures, rules, and regulations in this Bulletin and in the student handbook, as well as those subsequently made known to the University community.

Copies of The Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are available from the Student Assistance Center, Student Activities Center.


New students and continuing students who are in good academic and financial standing with the University may register for classes.

Students who wish to obtain a degree from the University must be formally admitted to a program through the Graduate School.

Registration information and materials are available from the studentís department or school.

Students wishing to register for more than 15 credits per semester must secure the permission of their Dean.

Although students may complete the registration process, they are not officially enrolled until the tuition has been paid and their name appears on the instructorís official class list.

Continuing Student Registration

All currently enrolled students in good academic and financial standing are expected to register for the succeeding semester by the end of the term in progress, unless graduating or on an approved leave of absence. Registration brochures containing complete information about dates, procedures, billing information, advising schedules and locations (by campus and college), financial aid, and tuition remission are mailed to all currently enrolled students.

Rosters and bills are mailed to the students who register. Course selections will be canceled if payment is not received in the Department of Cash Operations before the due date. For the specific dates and times of Continuing Student Registration, check the Class Schedule.

Open Registration

New students and continuing students who delayed registration register during Open Registration. Check the appropriate Class Schedule for specific dates and times.

Telephone Registration

Temple currently offers Telephone Registration that allows students to register for classes or to revise their rosters using any Touch-Tone telephone. The Office of Academic Records generates Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) for every eligible student so he or she may utilize the telephone registration system.

To register by telephone, a student needs:

  •   his or her student ID number
  •   his or her PIN number
  •   the 6-digit course reference numbers of the courses the student wishes to add or drop.

Telephone Registration allows students to:

  •   Change his or her PIN number
  •   Hear a list of courses already on the  student's roster
  •   Register for the upcoming semester
  •   Add a course
  •   Drop a course
  •   Substitute* one course for another
  •   Drop all courses

If the section that the student chooses is closed, the system will search for another available section or search for another appropriate class.

For more detailed information, please consult Class Schedule or contact the Academic Records Office.


*Substitute is a transaction that will drop the unwanted section ONLY if the new desired section is open and available to the student.

Late Registration

Late Registration will be held the first two weeks of classes during the fall and spring semesters. Class space is limited during this time, and students are assessed a Late Registration charge ($50) beginning the first day of classes. Late registration fees are charged earlier to continuing matriculated students. Please check the Class Schedule for specific dates.

The Late Registration period in the summer occurs during the first three days of the summer session. Check the summer Class Schedule for the specific procedures.

Note: Instructor signatures are required for all registrations processed after the first week of the fall and spring semesters and the second day of the summer sessions.

Retroactive Registration

Retroactive registration, the process of registering for a course after the final grade sheet has been produced, must be approved by the Graduate School.

Schedule Revision

Students may not add courses or change sections within a course after the first week of classes unless the class has not met for the second time or the student has the instructorís permission.

Students may not change courses from letter credit to pass/fail credit or vice-versa after the second week of classes during the fall and spring semesters and after the third day of classes during the summer session. This same deadline applies to changing grading options such as audit and credit/no credit.

Students who wish to change their schedules after the first week of the fall or spring semester or the second day of the summer must complete a Registration/Schedule Revision (Drop/Add) or Course Withdrawal Form. The number of authorized signatures required depends upon the time the revision is processed. Consult the appropriate Class Schedule for details regarding signature requirements.

Students may withdraw without academic penalty through the first six weeks of the fall or spring semester. After the sixth week of classes, all Schedule Revision Forms must contain a grade of W or F for the course being dropped along with the signature of the instructor. The completed Schedule Revision Form must be presented to the studentís department/Deanís Office for the revision to be considered official. Consult the appropriate Class Schedule for specific dates.