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The Graduate Board, acting on nominations made by departments, awards Presidential, University Fellowships, Dissertation Fellowships, and Project Completion Grants on a University-wide competitive basis. All fellowships carry full tuition remission and a stipend (Presidential, $20,000; University, up to $16,000; Dissertation Fellowships, up to $16,000; Project Completion, up to $8,000). These fellowships are reserved for full-time graduate students and are intended primarily for the support of doctoral students. Students in other terminal degree programs also are invited to apply.

In an effort to bring into higher education individuals from groups which historically have been excluded for a variety of reasons, the University awards Future Faculty Fellowships to students who are interested in a career in higher education and who meet at least one of the program eligibility criteria. The fellowships are reserved for full-time students and provide funding up to $16,000 per year plus full tuition remission.


Over 1,000 graduate students are supported by assistantships. For the most part, these are awarded by individual academic programs. Assistantships carry a minimum stipend of $10,650, for ten months plus full tuition remission. A maximum of 20 hours of service per week may be required of recipients. Research Assistantships are intended to allow students to pursue research, under the direction of a faculty member, relating to their area of interest. Teaching Assistantships require some form of instructional activity. Many administrative offices, for example deans’ offices, award Administrative Assistantships to graduate students.

Students interested in Residence Assistant-ships – which provide room, board, and some tuition remission in exchange for administrative and personnel services in a dormitory – should write to the Director of Residences.

All graduate students who are assigned instructional responsibilities, where the language of instruction is English, must be certified as competent in spoken English. Consult the school or college Dean’s office for information on the certification process.

External Funding

Students are also urged to investigate fellowship opportunities from external sources. Students in programs that have externally funded research or training grants are frequently supported by those grants as Research Assistants. The above policies concerning Graduate Assistantships also apply to externally funded Research Assistantships. Funding is also available, on a competitive basis, from a large number of private and public agencies, including the Ford Foundation, the Jacob Javits Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.

Support also is available to full-time graduate students solely on the basis of financial need through various loan programs supported by the federal government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania/Horace Mann Bond-Leslie Pinckney Hill Scholarship

The Horace Mann Bond-Leslie Pinckney Hill Scholarship provides full scholarships for professional medicine, dentistry, and law school education at Temple University, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Pittsburgh to eligible graduates of Lincoln University and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.

Candidates must be seniors or recent graduates from Lincoln University or Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and be accepted as a full-time student in a professional program of law, medicine, or dentistry at Temple University, Pennsylvania State University, or the University of Pittsburgh. Candidates must be citizens of the United States; be nominated by Lincoln University or Cheyney University of Pennsylvania; and demonstrate high academic performance and maintain satisfactory progress.

Students will be funded at a level to cover full tuition and required fees, subject to the continued appropriation of the Pennsylvania State Legislature.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is available to graduate students and their families through the University Benefits Office. The university subsidizes the cost of insurance for students who are receiving support of at least $10,650/10 months and full tuition remission. Contact the Department of Human Resources, Benefits Office for more information.

Financial Aid

Available from the Department of Student Financial Services.

Federal Stafford Loans

Loans are available to students enrolled at least half time (5 credits) per semester. Matriculated students may borrow up to $8,500 subsidized and $10,000 unsubsidized per year. The total a student may borrow for all undergraduate and graduate study is $138,500.

The federal government will pay the interest on subsidized loans until six months after the student has terminated his or her studies. Applications are available at local banks, credit unions, or other lending institutions.

Note: Please use discretion when borrowing money.

Federal Work Study (FWS) -Academic Year

The FWS program at Temple is designed to provide part time employment of students who demonstrate financial need based on federal calculations and require employment income to pursue their education. Students employed under FWS may work for the University or other public, private, nonprofit organizations or agencies. The FWS program is awarded as part of a student's financial aid package.

Placement assistance is available in the Department of Student Financial Services.

Financial aid applications and further information are available at the following address:

Temple University

Department of Student Financial Services

1801 North Broad Street

Ground Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19122

(215) 204-2244