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Tuberculosis Testing

All international students from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis are required to provide Student Health Services with documentation that they have tested negative for tuberculosis within the past year. Health Services provides TB testing. If the results of the TB test are positive, a chest X-ray will be required. For questions regarding this requirement before arrival to the University, please write, fax, or call Student Health Services.

Note: The Office of International Services has available a Handbook for International Students and Scholars at Temple University that is extremely useful for international students. The Handbook provides detailed information about housing, health care, insurance, immigration, and other subjects. It is available at the Office in 203B Vivacqua Hall.


Each of the graduate academic programs at Temple University operates in a somewhat different manner, but there are some important procedures that are the same throughout the University.

  • A student's academic program is administered almost entirely by the chairperson of the department and the Graduate Chair, under authorization by the Graduate Board.
  • The student will be assigned a graduate adviser by the department or Graduate Chair. This adviser will guide the student in his or her choice of courses and assign the student tasks if s/he is a graduate assistant.
  • Either the graduate adviser or another professor who is interested in the subject matter of a student's thesis or dissertation will aid that student in completing those tasks. At Temple University, the written report of the major project done for the master's degree is called a thesis, and the written report of the major project done for the doctorate is called a dissertation.
  • If a student has problems or questions concerning his/her academic program, s/he should make an appointment to discuss these with the graduate or thesis (dissertation) adviser. Any changes made within the academic program must be approved by the Graduate Board.

Each department/program has a written appeal process; students should contact their department/program for more information on appeals.