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College of Education

243 Ritter Hall,
Philadelphia, PA, 19122

Degree Programs:

General Statement

Master of Education and
Master of Science in Education

Doctor of Education and
Doctor of Philosophy

Curriculum Instruction and Technology in Education
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Program Offerings:
Teaching a Second Foreign Language

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
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Program Offerings:
Educational Administration
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Urban Education
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Supervisory Certification Program
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Psychological Studies in Education
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Adult and Organizational Development
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Counselling Psychology
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Educational Psychology
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School Psychology
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Physical Education
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--Supervisory Certificate in Health and Physical Education, K-12
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Trevor E. Sewell, Ph.D., Dean

Joseph P. DuCette, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,

243 Ritter Hall, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122

General Statement

The College of Education prepares professionals for leadership in a wide variety of educational settings. Among these are nursery, elementary, and secondary schools, institutions of higher education, research organizations, schools for students with special needs, industry, mental health facilities, and adult and continuing education programs.

The College seeks to fulfill its missions by:

  • Preparing skilled professionals in the education professions to contribute effectively in a pluralistic society;
  • Conducting state-of the-art research and evaluation in education and psychology and disseminating the results among professionals;
  • Developing model programs for delivering educational and psychological services directly to clients;
  • Providing programs of continuing educational development for professionals in the fields of education and psychology; and
  • Collaborating with other educational, psychological and social service institutions to ensure the highest quality of educational programs for clients and to contribute to the overall development of professionals in education and psychology.

The College of Education is a member of the Holmes Group, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges of Teacher Educators, and the University Council of Educational Administration. College of Education programs are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, by the American Psychological Association, and by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges.

Degrees Offered

The College of Education offers the following graduate degrees:

  • Master of Education (Ed.M.)

  • Master of Science in Education (M.S. in Ed.)

  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Admission Procedures and Requirements

Students who wish to apply to one of the graduate programs in the College should obtain a Graduate School Application Booklet which is available in the Office of Student Services, Ritter Annex 238.

All applicants must meet the following requirements to be admitted to a graduate program in the College of Education:

  1. Demonstrate proof of having obtained a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education;
  2. Have obtained an undergraduate grade point average (on a four-point scale) of either 2.8 for all undergraduate work or 3.0 for the last two years in the applicant's major;
  3. Provide scores on national tests (usually the Graduate Record Examination or theMiller Analogies Test) that are no lower than the fiftieth percentile and which have been taken no longer than five years prior to application;
  4. Provide a copy of official transcripts from every institution of higher learning.

Send all of the above to the Office of Student Services, College of Education, Ritter Annex 238, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

Admission Deadlines

Master's Degrees

With the exception of Counseling Psychology and School Psychology, all of the programs in the College accept master's applications on a continuing basis. That is, applications for master's degrees will be processed as soon as all of the required credentials are received by the program. In general, applications are not acted upon during the summer, although some exceptions to this are possible in specific program areas in the College. Students who wish to apply to a master's program should contact the specific program in question to ascertain when admissions are processed.

Doctoral Degrees

Programs in the College have different deadlines for their doctoral programs. Students should refer to the appropriate section of this Bulletin for the deadlines currently in place for the various doctoral programs in the College.

Financial Aid

A number of graduate assistantships are available through the departments or directly through the College. Graduate assistantships require 20 hours of work per week. They provide a stipend and tuition remission for up to 18 credits per year. In general, graduate assistants either teach undergraduate courses, assist faculty in research, or carry out a variety of administrative activities. Students who are interested in obtaining a graduate assistantship should first contact the department chair for the application procedures currently in use at that level. Students may also contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to apply for College-level assistantships.

Regulations Which Apply to All Graduate Programs in the College

Time Limits and Application of Credit Taken Prior to Matriculation

The time period for completing a graduate degree in the College of Education begins with the semester the student is admitted. All courses taken prior to that semester are subject to evaluation and approval by the faculty in the student's program. No courses taken more than three years before the beginning of the student's matriculation semester may be counted toward the degree.

A maximum of nine credits of work done at Temple University prior to the semester of matriculation will be counted toward satisfying degree requirements. Additional credits may by counted only with permission of the College of Education's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Leaves of Absence

Students may request a leave of absence for a period of time not to exceed one year. Leaves of absence will be granted only for documented cases of personal illness, family emergencies, or extreme personal problems. A written request, indicating the reason for the leave of absence, must be approved by the student's adviser, the department chair, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The form requesting the leave of absence can be obtained from the Office of Student Services, Ritter Annex 238. Students should be aware that a leave of absence does not extend the time limit required to complete a graduate degree.