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Students wishing to switch from one Temple University graduate program to another must go through the normal application procedure unless the graduation requirements of the two programs substantially overlap. In this case, the student may transfer from one program to the other, provided the approval of the department and college housing the new program has been obtained. Students in a doctoral program may transfer to a masterís program in the same area, or vice-versa, with the permission of the program.**

** When a student transfers from one program to another, the time limit for completion begins with the semester of matriculation in the first program. Work in both programs is considered in determining whether a student meets standards of scholarship requirements.


All appeals, except those involving dismissal for academic reasons, must begin at the program or department level. Each school and college has its own appeals procedure. If the appeal is not resolved at the program/department level, it can be taken to the college level. College level decisions can be appealed only on procedural grounds, i.e., only on the grounds that there were procedural errors in the appeals process at either the program or department level. Appeals on procedural errors should be directed to the Provost.

If a student is dismissed for any of the following academic reasons, he or she may petition the Graduate Board Student Appeals Committee.

  • Failure of comprehensive or preliminary examinations, in whole or in part, within two attempts;
  • Failure to receive satisfactory grades;
  • Failure to maintain academic progress.*

Graduate Board decisions are final. These decisions can be appealed only on procedural grounds, and the appeal should be directed to the Provost. For information regarding this appeal procedure, contact the Graduate School.

* Appeals concerning academic progress must start at the program/department level, then can move to the college level, and finally can be pursued at the Graduate Board level for substantive review