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Academic Programs / Chart Of Degrees

Program names H - O and Degrees Offered

This is a general summary of programs available for incoming students.

Note: The link in the Program Name column goes to the page describing the program within the Undergraduate Bulletin

 Major  Majors are listed under "Program Name." 
 Minor A minor is traditionally of more limited scope than a major.  It stands alone within an undergraduate student's program, independent of the major.
Concentration  A concentration is connected to a major program.  It may or may not lead to a certificate or other credential, depending on the design of the program.
Certificate A certificate is a credit-bearing program of courses leading to a credential.  It may or may not apply toward a degree.  (This should not be confused with certification, a process by which an individual is accredited by an external accrediting body, such as a state board or professional board.)
Track One of two or more specified sequences through a major program, from which a student must choose one.

Campus - The baccalaureate degree can be completed at the campuses displayed in bold only.  

Program Name Baccalaureate Minor, Conc., Cert., Track Post-Baccalaureate Post-Baccalaureate Minor, Conc., Cert. College Campus
Healthcare Financial Management     M.S.   FSBM CC
Healthcare Management       Post-M.B.A. Cert. FSBM M
Healthcare Management / Healthcare Financial Management      M.B.A./M.S.   FSBM M, CC
Health Information Management B.S.       HP HS
Health Studies     Ph.D.   HP M
-- Public Health       Ph.D. Conc. HP M
-- Therapeutic Recreation       Ph.D. Conc. HP M
Hebrew B.A. Minor     LA M
History B.A. Minor M.A., Ph.D.   LA M, A, CC, J
Honors Program, Business   Cert.     FSBM M
Honors Program, University   Cert.        
Horticulture A.S., B.S.       AM A
-- Business   Conc.     AM A
-- General   Conc.      AM   A
-- Horticultural Therapy   Cert.     AM A
-- Landscape Plants   Cert.     AM A
Human Resource Management B.B.A.   M.S. Post-M.B.A. Cert. FSBM M, A, CC
-- People First   Cert.     FSBM M, A, CC
Information Science & Technology B.A., B.S. Minor     ST M
Information Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship   Minor     FSBM M
Information Technology Management      M.B.A./M.S.   FSBM M
Instrumental Studies, Classical Guitar Performance B.M.       MU M
Instrumental Studies, Instrumental Performance B.M.       MU M
Interdisciplinary Studies/Liberal Arts B.A.       LA M, A
International Affairs B.A.       LA J
International Business Administration - Tri Country     M.B.A.   FSBM M
International Business B.B.A.   M.B.A./M.S.   FSBM M, W, CC
-- Finance       Conc. FSBM M
-- General & Strategic Management       Conc. FSBM M
-- Human Resource Management       Conc. FSBM M
-- Marketing       Conc. FSBM M
-- Risk Management & Insurance       Conc. FSBM M
International Business Management       Post-M.B.A. Cert. FSBM M
Italian B.A. Minor, Cert.     LA M
Japanese   Minor, Cert.     LA M, J
Jazz Studies / Composition B.M.       MU M
Jazz Studies / Performance B.M.       MU M
-- Instrumental   Conc.     MU M
-- Jazz Voice   Conc.     MU M
Jewish Studies B.A. Minor     LA M
-- History   Conc.     LA M
-- Religion    Conc.     LA   M
-- Secular Jewish Studies   Cert.     LA M
Journalism B.A. Minor M.J.   CT M
Juridical Science     S.J.D.   LAW M
Kinesiology B.S.   M.S., Ph.D.   HP M
-- Athletic Training


     M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP M  
-- Curriculum and Instruction       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP M
-- Integrative Exercise Physiology       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP M
-- Psychology of Movement       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP M
Landscape Architecture B.S.       AM A
Latin American Studies B.A. Minor     LA M
Law     J.D., L.L.M., S.J.D.   LAW M, J
Legal Studies B.B.A.   J.D./M.B.A. (Dual)   FSBM/LAW M, CC, A
Law - Trial Advocacy     L.L.M.   LAW M
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies (LGBT)   Minor     LA M, CC
Liberal Arts     M.L.A.   LA M, J
Linguistics B.A.   M.A.   HP M
B.B.A. Minor,
M.S. Ph.D. Conc., Post-M.B.A. Cert. FSBM M, CC
Marketing B.B.A.   M.S. Post-M.B.A. Cert. FSBM M, A, CC
Mass Media &  
    Ph.D.   CT M
Mathematical Economics B.A.       LA/ST M
Mathematics B.A., B.S. Minor M.A., Ph.D.   ST M
-- 5 year M.A.     B.A./M.A., B.S./M.A.   ST/CE M
Mathematics & Computer Science B.S.       ST M
Mathematics & Physics B.S.       ST M
Mathematics with Teaching B.S.       ST M
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E.   M.S.E.    CE M
-- Cooperative Education Program         CE M
Medicine     M.D.   MED HS
Medicine Combination     Ph.D./M.D.   MED HS
B.F.A.  w/TC M.F.A.   TY M
Microbiology &
    M.S., Ph.D.   MED HS
Military Sciences            
-- Army ROTC           M*
-- Air Force ROTC           SJU*
-- Navy ROTC           UPenn*
Molecular Biology & Genetics     M.S. (thesis), M.S. (non-thesis), Ph.D.   MED HS
Music B.S.        MU M
Music Composition B.M.   M.M., D.M.A.   MU M
Music Education B.M.   M.M., Ph.D.   MU M
-- Instrumental   Conc.     MU M
-- Instrumental/ Music Technology Component   Conc.     MU M
-- Piano   Conc.     MU M
-- Voice   Conc.     MU M
Music Education/Jazz B.M.       MU M
-- Instrumental/ Jazz Studies Component   Conc.     MU M
-- Piano/Jazz Studies Component   Conc.     MU M
-- Voice/Jazz Studies Component   Conc.     MU M
Music History B.M.   M.M.   MU M
-- Jazz Studies
B.M.       MU M
-- Jazz Composition B.M.          M
-- Jazz Voice Performance B.M.         M
Music Performance B.M.   M.M., D.M.A.   MU M
-- Keyboard/ Harpsichord B.M.   M.M.   MU M
-- Keyboard/Piano B.M.   M.M., D.M.A.   MU M
-- Vocal Instruction B.M.       MU M
Music Theory B.M.   M.M.   MU M
Music Therapy B.M.   M.M.T., Ph.D.   MU M
-- Guitar   Conc.     MU M
-- Piano   Conc.     MU M
-- Voice   Conc.     MU M
Music Therapy/Jazz B.M.       MU M
-- Jazz, Guitar   Conc.     MU M
-- Jazz, Piano   Conc.     MU M
-- Jazz, Voice   Conc.     MU M
Natural Sciences B.A.       ST M
Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular B.S.       ST M
Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior & Plasticity B.S.       LA M
New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration   Conc.     CT M
Nursing B.S.N.   M.S.N.   HP HS
R.N. to B.S.N B.S.N.        HP HS, A, BC
    M.O.T., M.S., D.O.T.   HP HS
Opera     M.M.   MU M
Oral Biology     M.S.   DENT M

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