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  Academic Programs / Health Professions

Health Information Management

Laurinda B. Harman, Ph.D., RHIA, Chair
3307 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140



A career as a Health Information Management (HIM) professional allows individuals to combine interests in health care, business, and information technology. HIM professionals have expertise in health informatics, which requires knowledge of clinical medicine and the electronic health record (EHR).  This individual also has expertise in coding and classification systems, quality and human resource management, the legal and ethical aspects of health information systems, the regulatory and accrediting agency requirements, and the public policy issues that affect the health information system. Clinical internships are scheduled at several health care institutions.

The HIM professional works closely with all other health professionals to collect and disseminate the information needed to provide high-quality patient care. The health information system supports the needs of patients, health care professionals, administrators, the community, and those involved in research and education. Job opportunities include positions with hospitals and other health care institutions, research and pharmaceutical firms, and governmental agencies. Career opportunities for the HIM professional include: Information Security Officer, Director of Integrated Health Information Systems, Director of Medical Records, Research and Decision-Support Analyst, Clinical Data Specialist, Data Resource Administrator, Patient Information Manager and Clinical Coding Specialist.


Following satisfactory completion of all course requirements, the graduate is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and is eligible to write the examination of the American Health Information Management Association for certification as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), which is nationally and internationally recognized.


The baccalaureate program in Health Information Management at Temple University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).


This is an upper-level program, and students are admitted in the fall of the junior year and must have 55 credits completed by the fall semester of admission to the program. Transfer students must have their transfer credits evaluated by the admissions office and must meet core and prerequisite requirements of the program.

1. University requirements – All students are required to complete a set of university requirements:  General Education (GenEd) or Core.

New freshman students starting in the 2008-2009 academic year are required to complete the GenEd curriculum (Analytical Reading & Writing, Mosaic I and II, Arts, Human Behavior, World Society, U.S. Society, Race & Diversity, Science & Technology, Quantitative Literacy).

New transfer students starting in the 2008-2009 academic year are required to complete the Core curriculum (American Culture, The Arts, English Composition, Intellectual Heritage, Individual & Society, International Studies or Language, Studies in Race, and Writing-Intensive courses).

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses as part of the major. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are listed below and are identified by "WI" in the RCI column.

2. Program requirements - Health Information Management prerequisites:

Mathematics 1013 (Elements of Statistics) OR Psychology 1167 (Foundations in Statistical Methods) OR Sociology 1167 (Social Statistics).
Kinesiology 1223 & 1224 (Anatomy & Physiology I & II) and Computer & Information Sciences 1055 (Computers & Applications).

3. Electives: 7-8 credits. Strongly recommended electives include HIM 1101 (Medical Terminology) and computer science, business, and writing intensive electives.

 Course Requirements for Health Information Management

Pre-Professional Requirements        
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
University & pre-professional requirements, including the following prerequisites: 55  




Elements of Statistics
Foundations in Statistical Methods
Social Statistics


Kinesiology 1223 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4  
Kinesiology 1224 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4  
Computer &
Information Sciences
1055 Computers & Applications 4  

Professional Curriculum      
Junior Year, Fall Semester      
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
HIM 3101 Health Information Systems in Acute Care 4  
HIM 3103 U.S. Health Care System 3  
HIM 3105 Language of Medicine 4  
HIM 3111 Statistics, Research & Registries in Health Care 3  
HIM 3113 Healthcare Database Administration 3  
Total     17  

Junior Year, Spring Semester    
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
HIM 3202 Legal Aspects of Health Information Management 3  
HIM 3204 Health Information Systems in Nonacute Care 3  
HIM 3206 Clinical Medicine I 3  
HIM 3208 International Classification of Disease 4  
HIM 3211 Management in Health Information Systems  3  
HIM *3285 Professional Practice Internship 2  
Total     16-18  

Senior Year, Fall Semester      
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
HIM *3285 Professional Practice Internship 2  
HIM 4101 Health Informatics: Infrastructure & Standards 3  
HIM 4105 CPT Coding 4  
HIM 4107 Quality Improvement in Healthcare 3  
HIM 4109 Clinical Medicine II 3  
HIM 4197 Human Resource Management in Health Information Systems 3 WI^
Total     16-18  

Senior Year, Spring Semester    
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
HIM 4202 Health Informatics: Systems & Design 3  
HIM 4204 Systems Analysis in Health Information Management 3  
HIM 4211 Political, Social & Ethical Aspects of HIM 2  
HIM 4213 Healthcare Reimbursement Systems 3  
HIM 4286 Management Internship 3  
HIM 4298 Health Information Management Case Studies 3 WI^
Total     17  

Total Credits Required for Graduation 123

* Taken in Spring Junior or Fall Senior semester.

^Indicates writing capstone for major.

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