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International Business Administration

Dr. Arvind Phatak, Executive Director
Kim Cahill, Program Advisor
Office: Speakman Hall 349

The International Business Administration major results in a multidisciplinary degree combining courses in international business and language, with a strong, functional business component. The major design enables students to develop an understanding of the various functional areas of international business, preparing students for positions in the government, global corporations, or international public institutions. Necessary skills are developed through specialized international courses in economics, finance, management, HR, law, marketing, and accounting. All International Business majors will complete the requirements for a functional business major. This educational experience is designed to equip students with the knowledge and global perspectives required to thrive in the global workforce of the twenty-first century.

Additionally, there is an emphasis on language; for without minimal language capability, one is truly handicapped in interpersonal relationships and in international interactions. Courses in language and language certificates are offered through the College of Liberal Arts. To round out and further students’ education, study abroad is recommended. Students are provided opportunities to spend a semester or a year abroad in various countries where the University has established business programs. See Temple CIBER | Study Abroad for information.

A cultural, historical, and geographic area of understanding is also essential. Students are encouraged to acquire this background through completion of a Certificate of Specialization in Latin American Studies and Spanish for Business or Asian Business and Society facilitated by IGMS/CIBER or elective courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts. See Temple CIBER | Latin American Studies and Spanish for Business and Temple CIBER | Asian Business and Society Certificate Program for information.

International Business Administration majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad, earn an Area Studies and Language Certificate, and become actively involved in the International Business Association (IBA). This student organization hosts the Global Lecture Series with guest speakers from international business disciplines, networking events, and career development activities. This organization is open to all FSBM majors. For more information, contact the International Business Association officers at 215-204-8185.

Summary of Requirements

Students must meet College Graduation Requirements, including the requirements of the major listed below. Students pursuing the International Business major must complete all the requirements of their functional major; these requirements are combined with language fluency and language course work, as well as international course work and experiences. Participation in the International Business Association is expected. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall and a 2.0 GPA in the major to graduate as an International Business major. Use the major GPA calculator at to calculate the GPA in the major.


Requirements of International Business Administration Major

Required courses       
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Requirements of FSBM Functional major*     
IB 0255** International Trade Theory  (ECON 0250) 3  
IB 0381 International Business Practicum  3 WI
Select one of the following:   3  
Accounting 0250 International Accounting    
IB 0256 International Monetary Economics (ECON 0251)    
IB 0265 International Financial Markets (FIN 0250)    
IB 0266 International Financial Management (FIN 0251)    
Select one of the following:   3  
IB 0380 Global Strategic Management (GSM 0380)    
IB 0201 International Human Resource Management (HRM 0201)    
IB 0106 International Law (LAW 0106)    
IB 0250 International Marketing (MKTG 0250)    
Foreign Language Requirement***   Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish (these are non-business credit hours) 0-14 LA
Subtotal          12-26  
* Technology requirement is filled through the functional Business Major.  
** The IB 0255/Econ 0250 class may be able to satisfy the 200+ level Economics requirement for the functional major that is chosen. Please check with the functional major description and your academic advisor.  
*** Students are required to take four courses of a foreign language or the Latin American Studies Semester (LASS). Students fluent in a foreign language will be waived from this requirement if they have demonstrated fourth level competency in one of the languages listed above.  

Note:  International Business courses are cross-listed with the corresponding functional department.  IB Majors must use the IB course number when registering. IB 0381 is no longer considered a writing-intensive course. It is recommended that students take IB 0100 and IB 0101 as Business electives if they have room in their degree program.

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