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  Academic Programs / Business & Management

Academic Policies and Regulations

The University policies and regulations apply to all undergraduate students and provide a framework within which schools and colleges may specify further conditions or variations appropriate to students in their courses or programs. Policies specific to FSBM are as follows: 

(Note: The University is reviewing all school and college, major, and GPA requirements above 2.0.  Please refer to the electronic Bulletin for up-to-date information at

Anticipation of Graduation

Students must submit an application for graduation along with the receipt for payment of graduation fees to their campus of record prior to the Continuing Student Registration period for their final semester. Graduation application deadlines and current graduation applications are available from the advising website at. A graduation review will be completed, and students will receive written confirmation of their remaining requirements. It is extremely important for graduating seniors to register as soon as they become eligible within Continuing Student registration. Senior level and capstone classes close quickly, and there is no guarantee that seats will be available in all of the needed classes to graduate in any given semester. Some courses are not offered every semester or in the summer sessions. Please check current course descriptions for expected delivery.

Course Eligibility

To be eligible to enroll in courses numbered 0100 or higher, a matriculated FSBM student must have completed at least 57 semester hours of college course work in courses including: 

●Accounting 0001, 0002
●Computer and Information Sciences C055
●Economics C051, C052
●Risk Management and Insurance 0001
●Law C001
●Statistics C011, C012, C021, 0022
●Marketing 0081

●HRM 0083 and have met any specific course prerequisites.

Courses Inapplicable to Graduation Requirements

Semester hours earned in SRAP or ELECT, Mathematics 0015 (formerly Mathematics 0001), and lower division (less than 0100) Military Science courses do not yield academic credit toward the minimum total of 123.

Dean's List (Scholastic Distinction List)

Undergraduate students who achieve a semester GPA of 3.5 or above with a completed semester load of 12 or more credits are selected for the Dean's List, which is posted on official bulletin boards in Speakman Hall and West Hall. Any MG’s, NR's, or I's must be completed within two weeks after the semester ends to be eligible for the Dean's list for that semester.  

Dean's List for Part-time Students

Matriculated undergraduate students who have earned at least 12 credit hours across an academic year (fall and spring semesters) with semester grade point averages of 3.5 or above in each semester are eligible to be considered for Dean's List recognition for that academic year. Any MG’s, NR's, or I's must be completed within two weeks after the semester ends to be eligible for the Dean's list for that semester.

Probation and Drop

Students in the Fox School of Business and Management are bound by the University policy on Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal, and Reinstatement. The University policy can be found at

Grade Point Average Requirement for Graduation

FSBM students are required to attain a 2.3 (2.3 =C+) average in all of their Temple course work and in their major in order to graduate from the Fox School of Business and Management. Some courses may have specific higher minimum grade requirements for degree applicability. Please check current course descriptions and the section pertaining to your major for this information. Major GPA calculators are available at

Life Experience

The Fox School of Business and Management does not offer credits for life experiences. Please see Non-Traditional Credit under the Academic Policies and Regulations section of this bulletin for information about advanced placement or CLEP examinations.


Students who have not enrolled for two consecutive semesters must apply for readmission to the Fox School. Deadlines for completed readmission applications are July 1 for fall, November 1 for spring, and April 1 for summer. Any existing holds must be cleared prior to readmission and official transcripts provided for any college level courses completed after leaving Temple University. Please note that students who have been absent from Temple for five or more years will be required to meet current program requirements and upper level business credits (courses 0100 and higher) earned previously may no longer apply toward the degree.

Residence Requirement

A minimum of 30 of the last 45 semester hours, including the majority of the requirements of a major, must be completed in the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University in order to receive a degree. In addition, a minimum of 50% of the business courses must be completed at Temple University.

Transfer Credits

Business courses taken at colleges or universities which are not members of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) will be accepted for transfer business credits only if they are equivalent to Business Administration 0050, Economics C051, C052, Accounting 0001, 0002, Computer and Information Sciences C055, 0010, Risk Management and Insurance 0001, Law C001, Law 0101, Statistics C011, C012, C021, 0022. Marketing 0081 and HRM (formerly HRA) 0083 will be accepted for transfer if they were taken during the fall 1994 semester or later. HRM 0085 will be accepted for transfer if taken during the spring 2005 semester or later. Specific articulation agreements with local colleges may expand on this list. Current articulation agreements can be viewed at

Additional business credits are accepted from colleges that are members of the AACSB. It should be understood that it is possible for a student to transfer in a large number of credits, which, while accepted by the University, may exceed the maximum number of elective credits applicable to the degree.

Permission to take Courses at Another Institution

Consistent with the University Policy students will not receive transfer credit for courses taken at another institution while they are matriculated at Temple University unless prior permission has been obtained. Permission forms are available in the Fox School advising offices. Please refer to above section on transfer credits. Deadlines for submission of permission forms and documentation are April 15 for first summer sessions and June 1 for second summer sessions.

Non-matriculated Student Policy

Students not formally admitted to Temple University may take undergraduate courses numbered between 0001 and 0099 in the Fox School of Business and Management. Undergraduate courses numbered above 0100 are open to visiting students who have completed a minimum of 60 credits, have met course prerequisites, and have written permission from their home institution. Students who have a baccalaureate degree and the prerequisites for the course desired may also enroll in advanced courses.

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