Programs Offered

Digital Education at Temple University is designed to give students more flexibility in when and how they attend classes, and to enable professionals to continue their education according to their own schedules. Courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to continuing education students.

Graduate Programs

Our fully online accredited graduate programs are both designed and taught by our outstanding Temple University faculty. Our engaging learning-centered courses will professionally equip a diverse sets of globally located students aiming to become leaders in his or her respective fields. Graduate programs are delivered through asynchronous, synchronous, and hybrid modes that will help adult learners reach their academic goals.

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Undergraduate Programs

Our online undergraduate programs will provide a solid foundation that will prepare students to confidently enter the competitive 21st century employment market. Undergraduate students will benefit from a full range of experiences across multiple disciplines and have access to comprehensive online student support services. Online undergraduate programs provide busy students the flexibility they need to reach their focused academic goals while interacting with highly diverse body of globally positioned student-peers.

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Certificate Programs

Enhance your skill set. Equip yourself for the next big change. Invest in your learning and become an positive agent of change within your organization. Temple University’s certificate programs provide the rigor, relevance, and flexibility life-long adult learners need to make a difference in their respective fields or industries. Our online courses utilize a wide range of delivery models to craft high-impact experiences that fit busy schedules..

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Non-Credit Courses

Take this opportunity to enjoy a non-credit course that will make your life more enjoyable, enhance your productivity, or expand your knowledge. Temple University offers online courses that may help you to prepare for a new job, get ahead in your current job or explore new directions. Choose from a variety of instructor-facilitated online courses from ed2go and Gatlin Education Services (GES) that can help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Learn more about our instructor-facilitated online courses with edg2o.

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