The Dissertation Grants and the Project Completion Grants are competitive awards given out by the Graduate School at Temple University.  The primary purpose of both awards is to accelerate the degree completion process by offering significant financial support to promising students who have exhausted all departmental sources of support.  These awards are non-renewable and carry no tuition remission.

Dissertation Grant Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for nomination, a student must:

Project Completion Grant Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for nomination, a student must:

The primary purpose of these awards is to facilitate completion of the dissertation or project.  Therefore, grant recipients may not accept any financial award for which service is required or hold part-time or full-time employment during the tenure of the grant.  Recipients must be enrolled for at least one semester hour of graduate credit during the tenure of this award.  Awards are competitive, with some additional consideration given to students in programs where support is not normally provided during the final stages of degree completion.  The number of awards made depends on anticipated levels of funding, and all awards are subject to the availability of funding.  These awards are designed to support students with detailed, realistic, departmentally endorsed plans for completion during the tenure of the award.

Recipients of these awards are ineligible for additional support from Temple University.  This prohibition applies to all forms of support.   Recipients of these awards may not be employed by Temple University nor accept any other financial awards from Temple University until all degree requirements have been completed. 

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