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Graduate School Admissions

How to Apply


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—  Review the pages of the Application*:


* As of January 2011, the “Academic Records Form for Graduate Study” is no longer in use and is, thus, not available as a request form for transcript fulfillment.


The Graduate School at Temple University offers an extensive variety of master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs.  Whether returning or continuing, the applicant can choose from traditional disciplines or innovative, professional career paths.  Many programs of study may be pursued on a full- or part-time basis.  Regardless of which course of study is chosen, our graduate faculty is committed to preparing students for the next step in their careers.

Applying to the Graduate School is a comprehensive process that warrants the applicant’s thorough consideration and preparation.  Each program’s graduate faculty evaluates admissibility based on a broad package of application materials that includes not only test scores and grades, but also research interests, past employment, portfolios, recommendations, and a statement of goals.  When preparing an application package, it is critical to carefully consider each component of the process in an effort to present the strongest application possible.  Space in many of our programs is limited and, as a result, admission is highly competitive.


Application Deadlines

 Each graduate program has unique deadlines for the submission of completed applications.  The application and all supporting credentials must be received by the appropriate Temple University office by its deadline date.  To determine the correct date, please see the relevant program page in the Graduate Bulletin.  For the correct mailing address, please see the list of “Addresses for Submission of Graduate Applications."

It is important to note that while all programs have a stated application deadline, some admit qualified applicants on a rolling basis, provided space is available.  Since open spaces are often filled before the deadline date, applicants are urged to apply as early as possible.  For more information on space availability, contact the department or program directly.


Application Fee*

The application fee is non-refundable and must accompany the application.  The cost is $60 when submitting the application online or $75 when using the paper application.  A check or money order should be made payable to Temple University.  Please do not send cash.  Also, do not remit fees in excess of the required amount.  Additional monies cannot be credited toward any charges if you subsequently register as a student.

* All tuition and fees are subject to change by action of The Board of Trustees.


Materials to Send

All programs require a completed application form, a statement of goals, and a certified copy of official academic records from every college and university attended, including Temple University.  Most programs also require some or all of the following:

  • A standardized test of scholastic aptitude, such as the Graduate Record Examination (General and/or Subject), the Graduate Management Admission Test, or the Miller Analogies Test.**
  • Letters of reference.
  • An interview.
  • An audition for such disciplines as dance, music performance, and theater/acting.
  • Portfolios or exhibits to demonstrate creative potential and ability in such fields as fibers and fabric design, film and media arts, and painting.

** Free practice tests are available at www.testpreppractice.net/ and/or www.studyguidezone.com for those preparing for the GRE, GMAT, or MAT.

Admission to all programs at Temple University is based on the recommendation of the department to which you apply.  Admissions criteria may vary depending on the department or program.  Applications may be submitted to more than one program, but no student may pursue two degrees simultaneously, with the exception of dual degree programs.  In general, applications to programs in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Technology should be sent to the department.  All others should be forwarded to the school or college office.  Any materials that require mailing should be forwarded to the appropriate address provided on the “Addresses for Submission of Graduate Applications” page.

Please note that standardized test scores must be furnished directly to Temple University by the testing service within five years of the applicant's test administration date.  Scores for the GRE® should be forwarded electronically by Educational Testing Service. Scores for the GMAT® should be sent electronically by GMAC®.  An official paper record for the MAT™ must be provided by Harcourt Assessment or the Temple University Measurement and Research Center.  No photocopies of score reports for any standardized test will be accepted from applicants.

For reporting purposes, the institution code for the GRE® and the GMAT® is 2906.  For the MAT™, the reporting code is 2548 for the College of Health Professions and Social Work; all other MAT™ scores should be reported to 1666 for the Graduate School.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all necessary materials are received by the stated application deadline.  Applications are not considered complete until all required credentials are received and the application fee is paid.  Applications will not be reviewed until they are complete.  All application materials, with the exception of portfolios and exhibits, become the property of Temple University and will not be copied, returned, or forwarded to another institution.  Portfolios and exhibits should be sent directly to the department or program requesting them.  Direct any correspondence concerning the form and shipment of these materials to the department/program of application.

Accessing Application Materials

Online Application

This is a web-based application that allows you to submit the application online.  It is designed in modules so you may complete sections of the application at your convenience.  In order to activate your application, you will need to submit the application fee and requested credentials.

Download the Application in PDF

The full application is available online in PDF format.  (You will need Adobe® Acrobat® to access this information.)  The forms can be printed or saved to your desktop.  To access these files, simply click on the name of the required information.  Application instructions are provided for information purposes only.  These PDF files are writer-ready:


Non-Matriculated Students


Students who take courses but are not officially working toward a degree at Temple University are non-matriculated students.  Matriculated students are those who apply to a program, take courses, and work toward a degree.


Non-matriculated students enjoy unique opportunities at Temple.  Some students may “try out” a few courses, meet professors, and evaluate prospective programs.  Other students may choose to enrich their personal lives or achieve professional goals by taking courses without applying to a specific graduate degree program.


Non-matriculated graduate students may take up to nine graduate credits before the University requires them to declare their academic intentions.  Continued enrollment is blocked until the student chooses to either:


Non-matriculated students who intend to apply to a degree program should ensure the program in which they are interested accepts non-matriculated credits.  Students are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from the graduate faculty or professional advisors within the program.  In any case, the maximum number of credits that may be applied to a degree program is nine.  As of October 2005, non-matriculated students are no longer permitted to take credits in excess of nine and later apply them to a degree program upon admission.


The Main Campus Office of Continuing Studies offers advising and general information for non-matriculated students. Learn about the role of the Office and other elements of non-matriculation by visiting the Continuing Studies website.  Requests for more information should be directed to 215-204-2500.