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Temple University - Of The Commonwealth System of Higher Education

The Office of the Secretary is the administrative unit that provides support to Temple University's Board of Trustees, which has final authority and responsibility for the policies and governance of the University.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of 36 voting members, 24 of whom are elected and 12 of whom are appointed by officials of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition to its 36 members, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia serve as non-voting Trustees.

The Secretary is elected annually by the Board of Trustees and serves as an officer of the University and the Board.

Among the duties of the Office of the Secretary are coordinating the meetings of the Board and its committees, preparing and maintaining minutes of those meetings, and serving as the custodian of the corporate seal.

The Office of the Secretary also provides support to the Board of Visitors for each school/college. The Board of Visitors serves as an advisory body to the dean of each of the University's 17 schools and colleges.


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