Graduate Bulletin

List of Degrees & Programs


Accountancy, M.Acc.

Accounting and Financial Management, M.S.

Actuarial Science, M.S.

Adult and Organizational Development, Ed.M.

African American Studies, M.A.

African American Studies, Ph.D.

Anthropology, Ph.D.

Architecture, M.Arch.

Art Education, Ed.M.

Art History, M.A.

Art History, Ph.D.


Bioengineering, M.S.Bioe.

Biology, M.S.

Biology, Ph.D.

Biomedical Sciences, M.S.

Cancer Biology and Genetics, M.S.

Infectious Disease and Immunity, M.S.

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, M.S.

Neuroscience, M.S.

Organ Systems and Translational Medicine, M.S.

Biomedical Sciences, Ph.D.

Cancer Biology and Genetics, Ph.D.

Infectious Disease and Immunity, Ph.D.

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Ph.D.

Neuroscience, Ph.D.

Organ Systems and Translational Medicine, Ph.D.

Biotechnology, P.S.M.

Business Administration, M.B.A.

Business Management, M.B.A.
Financial Management, M.B.A.

Health Sector Management, M.B.A.

Human Resource Management, M.B.A.

Information Technology Management, M.B.A.

Marketing Management, M.B.A.

Strategic Management, M.B.A.

Business Administration, Ph.D.

Accounting, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurship, Ph.D.

Finance, Ph.D.
Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Study, Ph.D.

International Business Administration, Ph.D.

Management Information Systems, Ph.D.

Marketing, Ph.D.

Risk Management and Insurance, Ph.D.

Strategic Management, Ph.D.

Tourism and Sport, Ph.D.

Business Administration Executive Program, M.B.A.

Executive Program – Philadelphia, M.B.A.

Executive Program – Tokyo, M.B.A.

Business Administration Executive Program, D.B.A.


Career and Technical Education, Ed.M.

Business, Computer and Information Technology, Ed.M.

Industrial Education, Ed.M.

Marketing Education, Ed.M.

Ceramics and Glass, M.F.A.

Chemistry, M.A.

Chemistry, Ph.D.

Choral Conducting, M.M.

Civil Engineering, M.S.C.E.

Clinical Research and Translational Medicine, M.S.

Collaborative Piano and Chamber Music, M.M.

Collaborative Piano and Opera Coaching, M.M.

Communication Management, M.S.

Communication Sciences, Ph.D.

Community and Regional Planning, M.S.

Sustainable Community Planning, M.S.

Transportation Planning, M.S.

Computer and Information Science, Ph.D.

Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Ph.D.

Computer and Network Systems, Ph.D.

Information Systems, Ph.D.

Software Systems, Ph.D.

Computer Science, M.S.

Counseling Psychology, Ed.M.

Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.

Creative Writing, M.F.A.

Criminal Justice, M.A.

Criminal Justice, Ph.D.


Dance, M.A.

Dance, M.F.A.

Dance, Ph.D.


Economics, M.A.

Economics, Ph.D.

Education, M.S.Ed.

Accomplished Teaching, M.S.Ed.

Applied Behavioral Analysis, M.S.Ed.

Career and Technical Education, M.S.Ed.

Reading, M.S.Ed.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), M.S.Ed.

Education, Ph.D.

Adult and Organizational Development, Ph.D.

Applied Linguistics, Ph.D.

Educational Psychology, Ph.D.

Literacy and Learners, Ph.D.

Math and Science Education, Ph.D.

Special Education, Ph.D.

Urban Education, Ph.D.

Educational Leadership, Ed.M.

K-12, Ed.M.

Higher Education, Ed.M.

Educational Leadership, Ed.D.

K-12, Ed.D.

Higher Education, Ed.D.

Educational Psychology, Ed.M.

Educational Psychology/Learning Technology, Ed.M.

Electrical Engineering, M.S.E.E.

Engineering, Ph.D.

Engineering Management, M.S.

English, M.A.

English, Ph.D.

Environmental Engineering, M.S.Env.E.

Environmental Health, M.S.

Epidemiology, M.S.


Fibers and Materials Studies, M.F.A.

Film and Media Arts, M.F.A.

Finance, M.S.

Financial Analysis and Risk Management, M.S.

Financial Engineering, M.S.


Geography and Urban Studies, M.A.

Geography and Urban Studies, Ph.D.

Geology, M.S.

Geoscience, Ph.D.

Globalization and Development Communication, M.S.

Graphic and Interactive Design, M.F.A.


Health Ecology, Ph.D.

Health Informatics, M.S.

Healthcare Financial Management, M.S.

Healthcare Management, M.H.M.

History, M.A.

History, Ph.D.

Human Resource Management, M.S.


Information Science and Technology, M.S.

Information Technology Auditing and Cyber-Security, M.S.

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, M.S.

Entrepreneurship, M.S.
Innovative Strategy, M.S.

Technology and Innovation Management, M.S.

Instrumental Conducting: Wind-Band Emphasis, M.M.

Investment Management, M.S.


Journalism, M.J.


Kinesiology, M.S.

Athletic Training, M.S.

Curriculum and Instruction, M.S.

Integrative Exercise Physiology, M.S.

Psychology of Movement, M.S.

Kinesiology, Ph.D.

Athletic Training, Ph.D.

Curriculum and Instruction, Ph.D.

Integrative Exercise Physiology, Ph.D.

Psychology of Movement, Ph.D.


Landscape Architecture, M.L.Arch.

Liberal Arts, M.L.A.

Linguistics, M.A.


Management Information Systems, M.S.

Marketing, M.S.

Mathematics, M.A.

Mathematics, M.S.

Mathematics, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering, M.S.M.E.

Media and Communication, Ph.D.

Media Studies and Production, M.A.

Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM, M.F.A.

Middle Grades Education, Ed.M.

Mathematics and Language Arts, Ed.M.

Mathematics and Science, Ed.M.

Science and Language Arts, Ed.M.

Music, Ph.D.

Composition, Ph.D.
Music Studies, Ph.D.
Music Theory, Ph.D.
Musicology, Ph.D.

Music Composition, M.M.

Music Composition, D.M.A.

Music Education, M.M.

Music Education, Ph.D.

Music History, M.M.

Music Performance, M.M.

Bassoon, M.M.

Cello, M.M.

Clarinet, M.M.

Classical Guitar, M.M.

Double Bass, M.M.

Flute, M.M.

French Horn, M.M.

Harp, M.M.

Harpsichord, M.M.

Oboe, M.M.

Percussion, M.M.

Piano, M.M.

Saxophone, M.M.

Trombone, M.M.

Trumpet, M.M.

Tuba, M.M.

Viola, M.M.

Violin, M.M.

Voice, M.M.

Music Performance, D.M.A.

Bassoon, D.M.A.

Cello, D.M.A.

Clarinet, D.M.A.

Double Bass, D.M.A.

Flute, D.M.A.

French Horn, D.M.A.

Harp, D.M.A.

Oboe, D.M.A.

Percussion, D.M.A.

Piano, D.M.A.

Trombone, D.M.A.

Trumpet, D.M.A.

Tuba, D.M.A.

Viola, D.M.A.

Violin, D.M.A.

Voice, D.M.A.

Music Theory, M.M.

Music Therapy, M.M.T.

Music Therapy, Ph.D.


Nursing, M.S.N.

Clinical Nurse Leader, M.S.N.

Nurse Educator, M.S.N.

Nursing, D.N.P.

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care, D.N.P.

Family-Individual Across the Lifespan, D.N.P.


Occupational Therapy, M.O.T.

Occupational Therapy, D.O.T.

Opera, M.M.

Oral Biology, M.S.


Painting, M.F.A.

Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.S.

Medicinal Chemistry, M.S.

Pharmaceutics, M.S.

Pharmacodynamics, M.S.

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ph.D.

Medicinal Chemistry, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutics, Ph.D.

Pharmacodynamics, Ph.D.

Philosophy, M.A.

Philosophy, Ph.D.

Photography, M.F.A.

Physical Therapy, D.P.T.

Physical Therapy, Ph.D.

Physics, M.S.

Physics, Ph.D.

Piano Accompanying, M.M.

Chamber Music, M.M.

Opera Coaching, M.M.

Piano Pedagogy, M.M.

Political Science, M.A.

Political Science, Ph.D.

Printmaking, M.F.A.

Psychology, Ph.D.

Public Health, M.P.H.

Environmental Health, M.P.H.

Epidemiology and Biostatistics, M.P.H.

Health Policy Management, M.P.H.

Social and Behavioral Science, M.P.H.

Public Health, Ph.D.

Health Policy, Ph.D.

Social and Behavioral Health Sciences, Ph.D.


Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, M.S.


Recreation Therapy, M.S.

Religion, M.A.

Religion, Ph.D.

Risk Management and Insurance, M.S.


School Health Education, Ed.M.

School Psychology, Ed.S.

School Psychology, Ph.D.

Sculpture, M.F.A.

Secondary Education, Ed.M.

English Education, Ed.M.

Mathematics Education, Ed.M.

Science Education, Ed.M.

Social Studies Education, Ed.M.

World/Foreign Languages Education, Ed.M.

Social Work, M.S.W.

Sociology, M.A.

Sociology, Ph.D.

Spanish, M.A.

Spanish, Ph.D.

Special Education, Ed.M.

Applied Behavioral Analysis/Autism Spectrum Disorders, Ed.M.

Mild Disabilities, Ed.M.

Severe Disabilities, Ed.M.

Speech, Language and Hearing Science, M.A.

Sport Business, M.S.

Athletics Administration, M.S.
Recreation and Event Management, M.S.
Sport Analytics, M.S.
Sport Marketing and Promotions, M.S.

Statistics, M.S.

Statistics, Ph.D.

String Pedagogy, M.M.


Theater, M.F.A.

Acting, M.F.A.

Design, M.F.A.

Directing, M.F.A.

Playwriting, M.F.A.

Tourism and Hospitality Management, M.T.H.M.

Hospitality Operations Management, M.T.H.M.
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, M.T.H.M.

Tourism and Hospitality Management -- Executive Program, M.T.H.M.


Urban Bioethics, M.A.

Urban Education, Ed.M.













Graduate Certificates

Advanced Education in General Dentistry (Kornberg School of Dentistry)

Applied Behavior Analysis (College of Education)

Arts in Community (Center for the Arts/Tyler School of Art)

Autism Endorsement (College of Education)

Basic Pharmaceutical Development (School of Pharmacy)

Biopharmaceuticals and Generic Drugs (School of Pharmacy)

Business Administration (Fox School of Business and Management)

Career and Technical Education/K-12 (College of Education)

Clinical Health Leader (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Clinical Trial Management (School of Pharmacy)

Commercialization of Technological Innovation (Fox School of Business and Management)

Computer Science (College of Science and Technology)

Dental Public Health (Kornberg School of Dentistry)

Disability Studies (College of Education)

Diversity Leadership (College of Education)

Documentary Arts and Ethnographic Research (Center for the Arts/Division of Theater, Film and Media Arts)

Drug Development (School of Pharmacy)

Endodontics (Kornberg School of Dentistry)

English Education/7-12 (College of Education)

Entrepreneurship (Fox School of Business and Management)

Global Health (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Global Pharmacovigilance/Benefit-Risk Management (School of Pharmacy)

Good Manufacturing Practices for the 21st Century (School of Pharmacy)

Health Informatics (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Health Information Privacy and Security (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Healthcare Business Analytics (Fox School of Business and Management)

Healthcare Data Analytics (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Human Resource Management (Fox School of Business and Management)

Information Science and Technology (College of Science and Technology)

Information Technology Auditing and Cyber-Security (Fox School of Business and Management)

Innovation Strategy (Fox School of Business and Management)

Instructional Learning Technology (College of Education)

Leading and Learning in Urban Schools (College of Education)

Mathematics Education/7-12 (College of Education)

Medical Device (School of Pharmacy)

Middle Grades Education/4-8 (College of Education)

Neuroscience (College of Liberal Arts)

Orthodontics (Kornberg School of Dentistry)

Periodontics (Kornberg School of Dentistry)

Play Therapy (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Post-M.B.A. (Fox School of Business and Management):

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • General and Strategic Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management

Professional Studies (Center for the Arts/Boyer College of Music and Dance)

School Nurse (College of Health Professions and Social Work)

Science Education/7-12 (College of Education)

Social Studies Education/7-12 (College of Education)

Stormwater Management (College of Engineering)

Strategic Communication and Cross-Cultural Leadership (School of Media and Communication)

Sustainable Community Planning (School of Environmental Design)

Teaching in Higher Education (College of Education)

Transportation Planning (School of Environmental Design)

Urban Bioethics (School of Medicine)

Women's Studies (College of Liberal Arts)

World/Foreign Languages Education/K-12 (College of Education)


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