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Doctoral Candidates in Kinesiology Mark Additional Successes:

Deborah L. Feairheller, a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology, has been published in Kidney and Blood Pressure Research. She is the lead author on "Prehypertensive African-American Women
Have Preserved Nitric Oxide and Renal Function but High Cardiovascular Risk
," which appeared in vol. 33, pp. 282-290, and was published online on July 13, 2010.

Praveen Veerabhadrappa, also a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology, has been selected to give an oral presentation based on his abstract entitled "Endothelial Dysfunction in African Americans with Masked Hypertension" at Global Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, the 23rd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension. He will make his presentation as part of the session on "Featured Clinical Research: Clinical Diagnosis of Hypertension and/or Vascular Disease" on Thursday, September 30. The full event will be held in Vancouver, Canada, from September 26-30, 2010.


Three First-Year Tyler Students Featured in New American Paintings

Three first-year M.F.A. Painting students have been featured in the 2010 MFA Annual from New American Paintings. The students include Stuart Lorimer, Craig Rempfer, and Dan Schein. First published in 1993, New American Paintings offers a bimonthly juried exhibition in print. Each regionally focused edition features the work of 40 painters. The publication works with curators from the nation’s top museums to review the works of more than 5,000 artists a year. It publishes the best it finds.


Doctoral Candidate in Mechanical Engineering Awarded American Heart Association Fellowship:

Rabe’e Cheheltani, a doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering, has received a prestigious fellowship from the American Heart Association (AHA). The two-year award is worth $46,000. Ms. Cheheltani was educated in Iran, receiving a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tehran and an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology. Attending Temple University since Fall 2009, she is currently conducting research in the Biofluidics Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Kiani. As an AHA predoctoral fellow, Ms. Cheheltani is developing a novel technique for targeted delivery of proangiogenic compounds to heart tissue to prevent cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction.

Doctoral Candidate in Kinesiology Has Paper Accepted for Publication:

The manuscript entitled "Enhanced Blood Pressure Variability in a High Cardiovascular Risk Group of African Americans" by Praveen Veerabhadrappa, Keith M. Diaz, Deborah L. Feairheller, Kathleen M. Sturgeon, Sheara Williamson, Deborah L. Crabbe, Abul Kashem, Debra Ahrensfield, and Michael D. Brown has been accepted by the Journal of the American Society of Hypertension. In addition, Mr. Veerabhadrappa, the lead author, was chosen to receive a Young Investigator Travel Award to present his findings at the American Society of Hypertension in New York.

Criminal Justice Graduates Leave Temple with Job Offers:

Every member of the Ph.D. graduating classes of May 2010 and January 2011 leaves Temple with a job placement. Four departing Ph.D. students have successfully garnered tenure-track faculty positions (one requests confidentiality at this time), while a fifth will serve as a criminologist. This is, of course, no small feat in the current job climate. Congratulations are extended to:

  • Brian Lockwood - Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ (May 2010)
  • Eric McCord - University of Louisville, Louisville, KY (May 2010)
  • Travis Taniguchi - Criminologist, Police Department, Redlands, CA (May 2010)
  • Brian Wyant - LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA (August 2010)

Doctoral Candidate in Criminal Justice Receives Award from the Police Executive Research Forum:

Nola Joyce, a doctoral candidate in Criminal Justice, has been awarded the Gary P. Hayes Memorial Award by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a Washington, D.C.-based national membership organization of progressive police executives from the largest city, county, and state law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Ms. Joyce, who serves as Chief Administrative Officer in the Philadelphia Police Department, shares this prestigious award with Deputy Commissioner Richard J. Ross Jr. in recognition of their work developing and implementing major crime reduction programs in Philadelphia. The Hayes Award, which was presented on April 15 at PERF’s Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia, is given annually to law enforcement professionals in recognition of their character, record of leadership, and commitment to better policing. The one previous recipient of the Hayes Award from the Philadelphia Police Department was Inspector Edward J. McLaughlin, retired, who received the award in 1988.

Doctoral Candidate in Psychology Awarded 2010 Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship:

Diane Chen, a doctoral candidate in Psychology, has been awarded an Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship by the American Psychological Foundation.  The $2,000 stipend will support Ms. Chen's dissertation research during the 2010-2011 academic year.  She is Temple's second Clinical Psychology student to be awarded the Koppitz Fellowship in two years, which is quite a feat for Temple since fewer than 8 such awards are given each year.

Doctoral Candidates in Clinical Psychology Score APA Internships:

Fourteen graduate students in Clinical Psychology who recently completed all their requirements for the Ph.D. degree became eligible for an APA internship.  The internship match system is highly competitive. This year, Temple did extremely well. Not only did all of our students get invited to interviews when 1 in 4 around the country were not interviewed at all, but 13 of our students found internship matches on the first round. Ultimately, the 14th also found a match.  All of our candidates are interning at top-notch places.  This is a major coup in a year when many students around the country were unable to find a match.

Graduate Students in Kinesiology Present at Professional Conferences:

  • At ACC.10, the 59th Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology (ACC), to be held March 14-16, 2010, in Atlanta, GA:
    • Diaz, K.M., Feairheller, D.L., Sturgeon, K.M., Williamson, S.T., Veerabhadrappa, P., Crabbe, D., & Brown, M.D. Oxidative stress and inflammatory biomarkers in pre-hypertensive and normotensive African Americans  [poster presentation].
  • At the Experimental Biology Annual Meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), to be held April 24-28, 2010, in Anaheim, CA:
    • Feairheller, D.L., Park, J.-Y., Sturgeon, K.M., Kim, B., Williamson, S.T., Diaz, K.M., & Brown, M.D. Differentiating racial differences in oxidative stress levels: in vitro and in vivo  [poster presentation].

  • At the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition of the American Society of Hypertension (ASH), to be held May 1-4, 2010, in New York, NY:
    • Veerabhadrappa, P., Diaz, K.M., Sturgeon, K.M., Feairheller, D.L., Williamson, S.T., Crabbe, D., Kashem, A., Ahrensfield, D., & Brown, M.D. 24-hour and awake blood pressure variability are associated with hs-CRP in pre-hypertensive African Americans  [poster presentation].
    • Diaz, K.M., Feairheller, D.L., Sturgeon, K.M., Veerabhadrappa, P., Williamson, S.T., & Brown, M.D. The relationship between blood pressure variability and renal function in pre-renal disease, pre-hypertensive African Americans  [poster presentation].
    • Williamson, S.T., Feairheller, D.L., Diaz, K.M., Sturgeon, K.M., Veerabhadrappa, P., Varma, D., Brown, M.D., & Jansen, S. Aerobic capacity correlates with urinary thromboxane concentration in pre-hypertensive African Americans  [poster presentation].
  • At the 57th Annual Meeting and World Congress on Exercise is Medicine™of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), to be held June 1-5, 2010, in Baltimore, MD:
    • Veerabhadrappa, P., Crabbe, D., Diaz, K.M., Sharma, G., Hewitt, V., Feairheller, D.L., Sturgeon, K.M., Williamson, S.T., Ahrensfield, D., Kashem, A., & Brown, M.D. Early diastolic dysfunction correlates with lower aerobic capacity in pre-hypertensive African Americans [slide/podium presentation].
    • Sturgeon, K.M., Feairheller, D.L., Diaz, K.M., Williamson, S.T., Veerabhadrappa, P., Kretzschmar, J., & Brown, M.D. Relationship of oxidant status to acute aerobic exercise recovery blood pressure in African Americans [poster presentation].

Ph.D. Candidate in Art History Receives Travel Grant to Venice, Italy:

Susan Nalezyty, a Ph.D. candidate in Art History, has been awarded a travel grant by the Kress Foundation.  The funds will be used to support her attendance at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America. The event will be held in Venice, Italy, on April 8-10, 2010.  Ms. Nalezyty will present her paper entitled Pietro Bembo’s Museum:  Material Assembly for the Reworking of Immaterial Ideas on April 8 in a panel discussion on "Early Modern Palimpsests of Venice II: Collecting, Rewriting, Displaying" (see pp. 81-83 of the pdf).

M.F.A. Candidate in Sculpture Awarded Grant:

Timothy Rusterholz, an M.F.A. candidate in Sculpture, has been awarded a $12,500 (Canadian) grant by the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.  The grant aids talented artists in the early stages of their careers whose work is representational art.  Awards are open to candidates working in painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture who have already started or completed training at an established school of art and/or who demonstrate, through past work and future plans, a commitment to make art a lifetime career.

Graduate Students in Criminal Justice Publish in 2009:

  • Jones, P.R., & Wyant, B.R. (2009). Juvenile delinquency. In R. A. Shweder, et al. (Eds.). The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion, Chicago: University of Chicago. 
  • McCord, E.S., & Ratcliffe, J.H. (2009). Intensity value analysis and the criminogenic effects of land use features on local crime patterns.  Crime Patterns and Analysis, 2(1), 17-30. 
  • Presley, L.A., Hass, M., & Quarino, L. (2009). The Forensic Science Assessment Test (FSAT): A potential tool for the academic assessment of forensic science programs. Forensic Science Policy and Management: An International Journal, 1(2), 74-84. 
  • Ratcliffe, J.H., Taniguchi, T.A., & Taylor, R.B. (2009). The crime reduction effects of public CCTV cameras: A multi-method spatial approach. Justice Quarterly, 26(4), 746.
  • Rengert, G.F., & Lockwood, B.R. (2009). Geographical units of analysis and the analysis of crime. In D. Weisburd, W. Bernasco, & G.J.N. Bruinsma (Eds.), Putting crime in its place (pp. 109-122). New York: Springer. 
  • Taniguchi, T.A., Rengert, G.F., & McCord, E.S. (2009). Where size matters: Agglomeration economies of illegal drug markets in Philadelphia. Justice Quarterly, 26(4), 670-694. 
  • Taylor, R.B., Harris, P., Jones, P.R., Goldkamp, J.N., Weiland, D., Garcia, R.M., & McCord, E.S. (2009). Short term changes in arrest rates influence short term changes in serious male delinquency prevalence.  Criminology, 47(3), 657-695.

Doctoral Candidate in Kinesiology Receives RA Supplemental Award

from NIH:

Keith M. Diaz, a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology, is the recipient of an RA Supplemental Award from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.  Mr. Diaz will work with Principal Investigator Michael D. Brown on the project entitled "Genetics of In Vivo and In Vitro Endothelial Function in African Americans."  The three-year award provides funding in the total amount of $169,089.  Mr. Diaz is a Future Faculty Fellow at Temple University.

Two Doctoral Candidates in Kinesiology Publish:

Deborah L. Feairheller, a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology, has been published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.  Ms. Feairheller is the lead author on "Exercise Training, NADPH Oxidase p22phox Gene Polymorphisms, and Hypertension," which appeared in the July 2009 issue (vol. 41, issue 7, pp. 1421-1428).

Kathleen M. Sturgeon, also a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology, is slated for publication in Blood Pressure, a journal published by Informa Healthcare.  Ms. Sturgeon is the lead author on "The Relationship of Oxidative Stress and Cholesterol with Dipping Status Before and After Aerobic Exercise Training."  The article was made available online on June 18, 2009.

Online Tutorials Now Available for the ProQuest UMI Electronic Thesis

and Dissertation (ETD) Administrator:

Tutorials with screenshots and narration are now available to enable students to electronically submit theses and dissertations. The tutorials are segmented so that you can view, at your convenience, as much or as little as you would like.  Access the tutorials at http://www.temple.edu/grad/etd_tutorials.  The site where theses and dissertations can actually be uploaded is found at http://www.etdadmin.com/temple.

Oral English Proficiency Required of All TAs:

All incoming TAs who are non-native speakers of English must be certified in English prior to assuming their classroom teaching responsibilities. If you fit this description and you are serving as a TA, you MUST be tested for oral English proficiency before working in the classroom.  View the full explanation of the required certification, or visit the websites for the International Teaching Assistants Program and the Teaching and Learning Center for more information.

The Writing Center Offers Three Programs for Doctoral Students:

The Writing Center has instituted three programs for doctoral students. Dissertation boot camp provides a disciplined atmosphere in which dissertation writers can undertake their work. Brown bag lunch seminars are offered on a variety of timely topics.  And dissertation writing groups meet regularly to give dissertation writers a forum in which to share their work-in-progress and receive feedback.

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