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Academic Programs / Business & Management

University Requirements

The General Education curriculum (GenEd) is required for all students.

College Graduation Requirements

The degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 124 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall and in the major. A minimum of 124 credit hours will be earned in the following four requirement categories:  

University General Education (GenEd) Requirements
Fox School of Business & Management lower- and upper-division requirements
Major requirements

General Education Curriculum

Go to the General Education pages in this Bulletin for information on the GenEd curriculum.

Fox School of Business & Management Requirements


Lower-Division Foundation Requirements

Note: 1000-level courses are normally taken in freshmen year; 2000-level courses are normally taken in sophomore year.

Department Course # Course Name Hours
Economics 1101 Macroeconomic Principles 3
Economics 1102 Microeconomic Principles 3
Human Resource Management 1101 Organization & Management 3
Law S.B.M. 1101 Legal Environment of Business 3
Statistics* 1001 Pre-Calculus for Business 3
Statistics 1102 Calculus for Business
Statistics** 2103 Business Statistics 4
Accounting 2101 Financial Accounting 3
Accounting*** 2102 Managerial Accounting 3
Management Information Systems 2101 Information Systems in Organizations 3
Marketing 2101 Marketing Management 3
Business Administration 2101 Professional Development Strategies 1
Business Administration 2196 Business Communications 3
Risk Management & Insurance 2101 Introduction to Risk Management 3
Subtotal     41
*Higher level courses may be recommended depending on the mathematics placement score or the student's intended major. Actuarial Science majors should refer to the math courses listed under the Actuarial Science major description.
** Successful completion of this course will meet the Quantitative Literacy General Education requirement.
***Accounting majors must take Accounting 2521 (Cost Accounting) instead of Accounting 2102.
Entrepreneurship majors should see an advisor before taking this course.
Note: In order to graduate, a grade of C- or better must be obtained in all FSBM lower-division requirements.


Upper-Division Foundation Requirements

Note: 3000-level courses are normally taken in the junior or senior year; 4000-level courses are taken in the senior year.

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Finance 3101* Financial Management 3  
Management Science/Operations Management 3101 Operations Management 3  
Business Administration 3102 Business, Society & Ethics 3  
Business Administration 3103 Integrative Business Applications 3  
Business Administration 4196 Global Business Policies 3 WI
International Business Administration 3101** Fundamentals of International Business 3  
Subtotal     18  
* Actuarial Science majors must take Actuarial Science 2503 (Corporate Finance for Actuarial Science) instead of Finance 3101.
* Finance and Real Estate majors must take Finance 3502 (Financial Markets) instead of Finance 3101.
** Economics majors replace this course with Economics 3563 (International Trade) or Economics 3564 (International Monetary Economics).
** Finance and Real Estate majors replace this course with Finance 3551 (International Financial Markets) or Finance 3552 (International Financial Management).
** Marketing majors replace this course with Marketing 3553 (International Marketing).
** Risk Management majors can replace this course if they complete RSK MGT 3567 (International Risk Management).
** This course is waived for students who major in Accounting and Management Information Systems only if a second major or a minor is not completed.


Summary of Graduation Requirements

Credits for B.B.A. Degree Hours
University General Education 32
Lower-Division Foundation Requirements 41
Upper-Division Foundation Requirements 18
Major Requirements 18
Electives 15
Total 124


Major Requirements

Twenty business courses (59 s.h.) are required as part of the lower- and upper-division foundation requirements for the B.B.A. program. In addition, a minimum of six business courses must be completed in the major. In completing the courses in the major, students will become competent in understanding critical business concepts and the practice of ethical decision-making, and demonstrate both effective written and oral communication and the ability to apply critical thinking to business problems. Students who choose to pursue a dual major in business can double-count a maximum of one course toward both majors. All Fox students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses at Temple. One of these courses will be Business Administration 4196; the second will be a writing-intensive capstone course in the major. The writing capstone is normally taken in the students' final semester.

NOTE: Many upper-division foundation courses and major courses have prerequisites including completion of the lower division foundation requirements. Some prerequisites also include minimum grade requirements. Students are required to meet all prerequisites. Prerequisites will be strictly enforced and the school reserves the right to de-enroll students from courses when prerequisites have not been met. Course descriptions, including prerequisites, are found at www.temple.edu/bulletin/ugradbulletin/ucd/ucdtoc.html.



Free electives: Students who have satisfied all of the requirements for GenEd, the Fox School Foundation, and the major (listed above) will need additional credits to achieve the 124 credit minimum required for graduation. These credits may be taken in either business or non-business courses. Students are encouraged to explore completing a minor, a certificate, or a second major for these credits. Students who choose to pursue a dual major in business can double-count a maximum of one course toward both majors.

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