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Programs Heading

Accounting, MBA

Accounting and Financial Management, MS

Actuarial Science, MS

Adult and Organizational Development, EDM

African American Studies, MA

African American Studies, PHD

Anatomy, PHD

Anthropology, PHD

Archeology (Anthropology, PHD)

Art Education, EDM

Art History, MA

Art History, PHD

Arts Administration (Art History, MA)

Athletic Training (Kinesiology, EDM)

Audiology (Speech Language Hearing, MA)

Bassoon, MM

Bassoon, DMA

Biochemistry, MS

Biochemistry, PHD

Biology, MA

Biology, PHD

Broadcast Telecommunications Mass Media, MA

Business Administration (Gen. Prog.), MBA

Business Administration/ Marketing, MS

Business Administration/Accounting, PHD

Business Administration/Finance, PHD

Business Administration/General and Strategic Management, PHD

Business Administration/Human Resource Administration, PHD

Business Administration/International Business Administration, PHD

Business Administration/Management Information Systems, PHD

Business Administration/Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare, PHD

Business Administration/Tourism, PHD

C+R PLN (Community & Regional Planning, MS)

Career and Technical Education, MSinED

Cell Biology, MS

Cello, MM

Cello, DMA

Ceramics and Glass, MFA

Certification Program (Instructional), EDM

Chemistry, MA

Chemistry, PHD

Choral Conducting, MM

Cinema Studies (Film and Media Arts, MFA)

Civil Engineering, MSE

Clarinet, MM

Clarinet, DMA

Clinical Psychology, PHD

Cognitive Psychology, PHD

Communication Sciences, PHD

Community & Regional Planning, MS

Community and Regional Planning (Community & Regional Planning, MS)

Community Health Education, MPH

Community Planning (Community & Regional Planning, MS)

Computer and Information Sciences, MS

Computer and Information Sciences, PHD

Costume Design (Theater/Scene Design, MFA)

Counseling Psychology, EDM

Counseling Psychology, PHD

Creative Writing, MA

Criminal Justice, MA

Criminal Justice, PHD

CRP (Community & Regional Planning, MS)

Cultural Studies (English, PHD)

Curriculum Instruction and Technology in Education, MSinEd

Curriculum Instruction Technology in Education/ Mathematics and Science Education, EDD

Curriculum Instruction Technology in Education/ Language Education, EDD

Dance, EDM

Dance, MFA

Dance, PHD

Design (Theater) (Theater/Scene Design, MFA)

Developmental Psychology, PHD

Double Bass, MM

Double Bass, DMA

Early Childhood Education, MSinED

E-Business, MBA

E-Business, MBA/MS

Economics, MA

Economics, PHD

Ed Psych/Instructional Learning Technologies, EDM

Education Certification (Certification Program (Instructional), EDM)

Educational Administration, EDM

Educational Administration, EDD

Educational Psychology, EDM

Educational Psychology, PHD

Electrical Engineering, MSE

Elementary Education, MSinED

Engineering, PHD

English, PHD

English, MA

Environmental Health, MS

Executive Program, MBA

Exercise Physiology (Kinesiology, EDM)

Experimental Psychology, PHD

Fibers and Fabric Design, MFA

Film and Media Arts, MFA

Finance, MBA

Finance, MS

Flute, MM

Flute, DMA

French Horn, MM

French Horn, DMA

General and Strategic Management, MBA

Genetics (Molecular Biology and Genetics, PHD)

Geography, MA

Geology, MS

Glass (Ceramics and Glass, MFA)

Graphic Arts (Visual Design, MFA)

Guitar, MM

Harp, MM

Harp, DMA

Harpsicord, MM

Health Studies, PHD

Healthcare Financial Management, MS

Healthcare Management, MBA

Healthcare Management/ Healthcare Financial Management, MBA/MS

History, MA

History, PHD

Hospitality Management (Tourism and Hospitality Management, MTHM)

Human Resource Administration, MBA

Human Resource Administration, MS

Immunology (Microbiology and Immunology, PHD)

Inclusive School Practices, MSinED

International Business Administration, MBA

International Business Administration - Tri Continent, MBA

Journalism, MJ

Kinesiology, EDM

Kinesiology, PHD

Language Education (Second and Foreign Language Education, MSinED)

Legal Studies, MBA

Leisure Studies (Sport and Recreation Administration, EDM)

Liberal Arts, MLA

Lighting Design (Theater/Scene Design, MFA)

Linguistics, MA

Literature (English, PHD)

Management Information Systems, MS

Management Information Systems, MBA

Marketing, MBA

Marketing, MS

Mass Media and Communication , PHD

Mathematics, MA

Mathematics, PHD

Mathematics and Science Education, MSinED

Mechanical Engineering, MSE

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MS

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, PHD

Medicine (Public Health (dual degree - Medicine ), MPH-MD)

Metalsmithing (Metalsmithing and Jewelry, MFA)

Metalsmithing and Jewelry, MFA

Microbiology and Immunology, MS

Microbiology and Immunology, PHD

Molecular Biology and Genetics, PHD

Music Composition, MM

Music Composition, DMA

Music Education, MM

Music Education, PHD

Music History, MM

Music Theory, MM

Music Therapy, MMT

Music Therapy, PHD

Nursing, MSN

Oboe, MM

Oboe, DMA

Occupational Therapy, MS

Occupational Therapy, MOT

Opera, MM

Oral Biology, MS

Osteopathic Medicine (Public Health (dual degree - Osteopathic Medicine), MPH-DO)

Painting, MFA

Pathology, PHD

Percussion, MM

Percussion, DMA

Pharmaceutics, MS

Pharmaceutics, PHD

Pharmacology (Medicine), PHD

Philosophy, MA

Philosophy, PHD

Photography, MFA

Physical Education (Kinesiology, EDM)

Physical Education (Kinesiology, PHD)

Physical Therapy, DPT

Physical Therapy, PHD

Physics, MA

Physics, PHD

Physiology, MS

Physiology, PHD

Piano, MM

Piano, DMA

Piano Accompanying - Chamber Music, MM

Piano Accompanying - Opera Coaching, MM

Piano Pedagogy, MM

Podiatric Medicine (Public Health (dual degree - Podiatric Medicine), MPH-DPM)

Political Science, MA

Political Science, PHD

Printmaking, MFA

Public Health (Environmental Health, MS)

Public Health (Community Health Education, MPH)

Public Health (School Health Education, EDM)

Public Health (dual degree - Medicine ), MPH-MD

Public Health (dual degree - Osteopathic Medicine), MPH-DO

Public Health (dual degree - Podiatric Medicine), MPH-DPM

Public Health (dual degree - Social Work), MPH-MSW

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, MS

Recreation (Sport and Recreation Administration, EDM)

Religion, PHD

Religion, MA

Risk Management and Insurance, MBA

Saxophone, MM

School Health Education, EDM

School Psychology, EDM

School Psychology, PHD

Sculpture, MFA

Second and Foreign Language Education, MSinED

Social and Organizational Psychology, PHD

Social Psychology (Social and Organizational Psychology, PHD)

Social Work, MSW

Social Work (Public Health (dual degree - Social Work), MPH-MSW)

Sociology, MA

Sociology, PHD

Spanish, MA

Spanish, PHD

Special Education (Inclusive School Practices, MSinED)

Speech Language Hearing, MA

Sport and Recreation Administration, EDM

Sports Medicine (Kinesiology, EDM)

Statistics, MS

Statistics, PHD

String Pedagogy, MM

T.E.O.S.L. (Second and Foreign Language Education, MSinED)

Technical Theater (Theater/Scene Design, MFA)

Theater/Acting, MFA

Theater/Directing, MFA

Theater/Scene Design, MFA

Therapeutic Recreation, EDM

Tourism and Hospitality Management, MTHM

Trombone, MM

Trombone, DMA

Trumpet, MM

Trumpet, DMA

Tuba, MM

Tuba, DMA

Urban Education, EDM

Urban Education, PHD

Urban Planning (Community & Regional Planning, MS)

Urban Studies, MA

Viola, MM

Viola, DMA

Violin, MM

Violin, DMA

Visual Anthropology (Anthropology, PHD)

Visual Design, MFA

Vocational Education (Career and Technical Education, MSinED)

Voice, MM

Voice, DMA





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