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Division of University Studies: Undeclared Option

Dr. Shannon J. O'Brien
Director, Academic Advising
1810 Liacouras Walk, Suite 101


Recognizing that not all students can or should declare an academic major upon entering college, Temple University established University Studies — the academic home for students who have not yet decided on a school/college or major. University Studies is not a degree-granting college. Rather, it is an academic unit that exists to help students explore academic options. All students must declare a major in one of Temple's degree-granting undergraduate schools and colleges upon completion of 60 credits, including any credits transferred from other institutions.

University Studies offers undeclared students a variety of services and programs to help them select an appropriate major. Students can use online resources in our Academic Information Center to research majors and careers and can participate in student success and academic exploration workshops held throughout the year. Upon declaring a major, students are required to fulfill the school/college and department requirements of that program.

University Studies does not grant degrees and students cannot graduate with an "undeclared" curriculum designation.


Suggested First-Year Program for the Undecided Student

This sample program allows students to satisfy General Education requirements while exploring academic interests and majors.


Year 1 – Fall
Subject Course # Course Title Hours Attribute
English  0802, 0812 or 0902 Analytical Reading & Writing (Depends on placement exam; some
students may be required to take English 0701 or 0711)
4 GW
GenEd 08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd Quantitative Literacy course (Depends on placement exam and potential choice of major) 4 GQ
GenEd 08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd Human Behavior course 3 GB
GenEd 08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd U.S. Society course 3 GU
University Seminar 1001 First Year Seminar I  1  
Total       15  
(Note: Entering students, particularly freshmen, are encouraged to enroll in a learning community.  See Learning Communities and University Seminars for more information.
Year 1 – Spring
Subject Course # Course Title Hours Attribute
Intellectual Heritage 0851 or 0951 Mosaic: Humanities Seminar I
(Note: Non-native speakers can opt for an ESL version of this course)
3 GY
GenEd 08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd Arts course 3-4 GA
GenEd 08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd Race & Diversity course 3 GD
GenEd 08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd Science & Technology course 3 GS
Major Exploration
08xx or 09xx Select an appropriate GenEd World Society course
Consider a class in potential choice of major

Total     15-16    




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