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Academic Policies & Regulations

Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin's Academic Policies section. Students are responsible for complying with all University-wide academic policies that apply to their individual academic status. Additional and unique policies or exceptions for the Division of University Studies appear below.

Academic Course Load - Academic overloads during the fall and spring semesters, students who want to take 19 or more semester hours, need special approval of the Director of Student Services.

Dean's List - Each fall and spring semester, those undergraduates who have met the credit hour and academic criteria are placed on the Distinguished Honors list. See the Dean's List policy for specific GPA and credit-hour requirements.

Program Performance - Students who are placed on Academic Warning or Probation will be enrolled in the online Back on Track course and will be required to complete this intervention before registering for the upcoming semester. These students will also be required to meet with their advisor to discuss and develop alternative academic plans as well as discuss strategies for improving their academic performance.

Transfer between Colleges within the University: Intra-University Transfer into the Division of University Studies - Students currently enrolled in other schools or colleges who are reconsidering their choice of major or who wish to explore other academic options may process an intra-university transfer request to enter University Studies as an undeclared major. All students interested in transferring into the Division of University Studies must meet with an academic advisor to discuss this transfer.

Grievances - Students can bring grievances to the Director of Academic Advising. Grievances regarding instructors and grades are referred to the grievance protocol for the school/college offering the course.

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