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Certificate in Environmental Sustainability
Minor in Ecological Planning & Design
Certficate & Minor in Sustainable Food Systems
Community & Regional Planning
Bachelor of Science
Minor in Community & Regional Planning
Bachelor of Science
Minor in Environmental Horticulture
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   Horticultural Therapy
   Landscape Plants
Bachelor of Science
Minor in Landscape Studies

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  Academic Programs / Environmental Design

Academic Policies & Regulations

Please see Academic Policies. Students are responsible for complying with all university-wide academic policies that apply to their individual academic status. Additional and unique policies, or exceptions, for the School of Environmental Design appear below.

Dean's List

Each fall and spring semester, those undergraduates who have met the credit hour and academic criteria for their school or college are placed on the Dean's List. See the Dean's List policy for specific GPA and credit-hour requirements.

Leave of Absence/Re-enrollment/Reinstatement

School of Environmental Design students who wish to voluntarily withdraw from the university for one or two semesters (fall and/or spring) are strongly encouraged to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA).  If approved, these students remain eligible for the same requirements as when they declared their major and will have access to Temple e-mail, university library systems, and priority and self registration for the approved semester of return. By contrast, students who leave the university without any notice and without an approved LOA must apply to be re-enrolled and, if allowed to return, must follow the most recent university curricular requirements in place for the semester of their return.  If no LOA was filed, before students return, they must indicate any course(s) taken since leaving Temple and provide a copy of an official transcript from each institution attended. Both the academic advisor and the student have the right to request an interview as part of the re-enrollment process. Students who received a medical withdrawal may be asked to provide medical documentation clearing them to return to school and to schedule an interview with an advisor before a re-enrollment decision can be made. Leave of Absence and Re-enrollment forms may be obtained in the Office of Academic Services, West Hall 102, through their academic advisor, or online. Further details can be viewed at: http://policies.temple.edu/getdoc.asp?policy_no=02.10.16

Students who were dismissed for academic reasons should see the university policy on Academic Standing.

Second Degrees

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree may earn a second bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture or Horticulture, but they should also consider the Master of Landscape Architecture degree.  Students who are interested in Community and Regional Planning should consider enrolling in the Community and Regional Planning Master of Science degree program. Schools and colleges may waive up to 9 credits of degree requirements outside the second major for students who already have a bachelor's degree. See Second Degrees in the Academic Policies section.  For information on graduate programs, see the Graduate Bulletin.


Student Grievance Procedures

All students have the right to adjudicate grievances concerning academic matters in a fair and expeditious manner. Consult your academic advisor for information on procedures. Non-academic grievances should be directed to the Ambler Campus Office of Student Life.  Also see Grievances at www.temple.edu/bulletin/Responsibilities_rights/rights/rights.shtm#grievance.

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