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School of Social Administration

General Information

Founded 1969
Larry Icard, Dean
553 Ritter Hall Annex
1601 W. Cecil B. Moore Avenue
(215) 204-8623

Special Programs and Professional Certifications
Honors/Honor Society
Student Groups
Special Facilities


The School was established in 1969 to prepare individuals for professional practice and for positions of leadership in social work and in the broader human services arena. The distinctive mission of the School, rooted in humanistic and democratic values, is reflected in a broad and vigorous commitment to the elimination of human suffering and social injustice and to the promotion of human rights and social equality. Its educational programs are therefore centered on intervention strategies on behalf of those populations and persons who are underserved, victimized, or denied full access to social opportunities and resources. Poverty, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and disenfranchisement are priority concerns of the School, as are those social problems associated with life in the inner city.

The School of Social Administration (SSA) is dedicated to societal transformations to eliminate social, political, and economic injustices for poor and oppressed populations, and advancing the quality of life for all through:
● Education emphasizing the discovery of knowledge, use of critical inquiry, and exertion of professional ethics to guide solution-seeking and action-taking to effect social change among professional social workers in front-line, supervisory, managerial, and leadership positions.
● Research and scholarship to advance applied knowledge and generate evidence-based strategies to resolve problems occurring between people and their social environments at local, state, national, and global levels.
● Public service to aid the dissemination of knowledge and evidence-based strategies, and the responsiveness of the School to the needs of constituents through collaborations and partnerships with communities, agencies, and organizations.

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The Bachelor of Social Work and the Master of Social Work programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. This attests to the educational quality of the curricula and to the qualifications of graduates to assume professional positions that legally require applicants to have these degrees.

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Special Programs and Professional Certifications

Academic Credit for Relevant Social Service Work and Educational Experience
The School of Social Administration attracts students who are now or have been employed in responsible positions in the field of social welfare. In addition to performance skills, these students have also gained practical as well as theoretical understanding of various aspects of social work. Students are encouraged to apply for work-experience credit immediately after completing 30 semester hours at Temple University. Application forms are available from Rosemary Barbera, the acting B.S.W. Chair, Ritter Annex Room 524, or the B.S.W. Admissions and Advising Coordinator, Ritter Annex, (215-204-7611 or 215-204-3142). Approved credit is recorded on the student's transcript upon payment of the required fees set by the University. Such credits may not be used as substitutes for University Core Curriculum, B.S.W. courses, or field requirements. They count only as elective credits.

Extern Program

The Extern Program is another way to acquire experience in a social service setting or in some other job field to aid the student in the process of career decision. This program is usually offered in January during the two week period before classes begin. Students work at the extern site four days each week, and participate in a career development seminar at Temple on the fifth day. This program is jointly sponsored by University Career Services and the Schools of Temple. Interested students may discuss this with Sharon Webster, RA 517.

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Honors/Honor Society

Dean’s List - Academic achievement is recognized and valued by the School and the University. In this regard, the School follows the grade point average recognized by the University. Dean's List is achieved each semester that a full-time student (12-17 semester hours) earns both a 3.50 semester average and a 3.50 cumulative average. Notation appears on student transcript.

Alpha Delta Mu National Social Work Honor Society - Students with a cumulative average of 3.50 or above may apply for nomination to Alpha Delta Mu. Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership. Students should discuss this with their advisors.

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Student Groups

As a student at Temple University's School of Social Administration, you will become a part of a strong community. Our major strength is our diversity. Our undergraduate program provides classes that are living laboratories of what social work practice is about. You will have the opportunity to be in class with students who are different from you, and who represent every possible point of view. You will find a new home.

Social Work Student Organizations

Alumni Association

For more information about SSA's alumni/ae association contact the General Alumni Association for names and numbers of current officers at 215-204-7524.

Latino Social Work Organization

For more information contact Stephanie Pérez, at

National Association of Social Workers-Philadelphia Division  (NASW)

NASW is a professional organization that works on behalf of its members and the consumers they serve.  Applications are available on the NASW bulletin Board in the lobby.

National Social Work Honor Society (Beta Rho Chapter, Alpha Delta Mu)

The purpose of this organization is to advance excellence in social work practice and to
encourage, stimulate and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields,
particularly in social work.  For current activities see bulletin board in main lobby.

Student Association of Black Social Workers (SABSW)

SABSW is a non-profit organization built to serve the African-American students and
community.  The SABSW will work towards unifying Black Social Work students in the School of Social Administration.  The SABSW will also work with any student organization on campus or the immediate community to further the educational, political, academic, communal, and social plight of students at large.  Contact Sharon Webster for additional information at 204-7112. For current activities see bulletin board in main lobby area.

Pride in Social Work (PSW)

PSW provides support, education, and advocacy for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered students and supporters of Pride in the Social Work Department at Temple University.  Contact Bernie Newman for additional information at 204-1205.  See bulletin board in main lobby for current activities.

SSA Student Collective

The Student Collective is the organization of both undergraduate and graduate student bodies matriculated in the Social Work Program.  The Collective sponsors activities each academic year of a social, educational, and professional nature.  Student representatives, selected by the Collective, sit on various School committees as voting members.  The Collective was formed to represent a unified student voice that incorporates all the diversity of our student body.  Contact Rosemary Barbera (RA 529) for additional information or see bulletin board.

Underground Railroad – Temple Depot (URR)

The URR works together with the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign focusing on direct actions, such as lobbying, advocacy, demonstrations, and support of grass-roots movements for social justice.  See the Bulletin Board in main lobby for additional information and current activities.

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Special Facilities

Job Resources Bank

In addition to the help provided by the Office of Career Development Services, the School of Social Administration maintains its own Job Resources Bank geared specifically to the needs and career interests of social workers. Information about employment opportunities and current job openings is regularly collected, updated, and posted in the School. The School's liaison in Career Services meets frequently with students to provide career information as well as specific leads on employment. The Office of Career Services plans and conducts special workshops and seminars specifically oriented to students in Social Administration.

School of Social Administration Library

The University's major collection of books and journals related specifically to the field of social work is located on the first floor of Ritter Annex in the Zahn Instructional Materials Center. Students have easy access here to materials placed on reserve by the School. There are also duplication facilities and a comfortable work, study, and reading environment.

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