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Communication Sciences

Rena Krakow, Ph.D.
First Floor, Weiss Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-8407
Fax: (215) 204-5954

Note: Department chairs frequently change at the beginning of the academic year.  Students should contact departments for updated information.

Bachelor of Arts

1. The total number of credit hours at graduation may be greater for some students based on initial placement exams, transfer evaluations, individual curricular choices, and academic progress.
2. Certain courses fulfill multiple requirements. In consultation with your advisor, you will be able to plan your curriculum more effectively.
3. Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites for any given course or course sequence. See the Prerequisite and Co- requisite Policy in University-wide Academic Policies in this Bulletin.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Sciences may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty upon the satisfactory completion of 122 semester hours of credit with no grade in the major or core areas of C- or below. In addition to taking University Core requirements, all students will complete two department core courses, 0201 and W051, as well as the requirements of one of two tracks, Speech-Language-Hearing or Linguistics. Students who complete the major may graduate with distinction in the department if they meet the requirements outlined below. In addition to the Major in Communication Sciences, the department also offers a Minor, also described below.

Summary of Requirements for Graduation with Distinction in the Major

1. GPA of 3.5 of better
2. No grade of below B in the major
3. Completion of an honors paper at the end of a 3-credit independent study (Comm Sci H390) during which the student will engage in an empirical study or library research in the field of Communication Sciences under the supervision of an honors adviser.
4. Completion of 20 hours of volunteer work, internship, or fieldwork in consultation with the honors adviser.

Communication Sciences Major Requirements

Speech-Language-Hearing Track

Speech-Language-Hearing Track: Summary of Requirements 

1. University requirements
Core Curriculum including completion of the Library Orientation and
All students must take Psych C060 for core requirement in Individual and Society
2. Major Requirements
Comm Sci W051 and 0201
3. Track Requirements
Lower Level (Comm Sci W103, 0207, 0208, 0217, 0218)
Upper Level (Comm Sci 0233, 0234, 0235, 0300, 0301, W336)
Courses in Related Disciplines (Physics C067, Psych 0131)

Speech-Language-Hearing Track: Required Courses in The Major

Speech-Language-Hearing Track: Required Courses, Related Areas

Linguistics Track

Linguistics Track: Summary of Requirements

1. University requirements
Core Curriculum including completion of the Library Orientation
2. Major Requirements
Comm Sci W051 and 0201
3. Track Requirements
Lower Level (Comm Sci 0108, 0207, 0208)
Upper Level (Comm Sci 0211, 0233, 0301, W360)

Linguistics Track: Required Courses in the Major

Linguistics track, recommended electives - must take at least four (4)

Requirements for the Minor in Communication Sciences

Five required courses in the department plus an additional 2 - 3 courses from among a list of five in the department.

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