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Daniel Boylen, Chair
Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Ph.D. ,Undergraduate Advisor
Tomlinson Theater 207

The objective of the undergraduate curriculum in Theater is to introduce students to the broad view of the theater as an important cultural institution and at the same time provide the opportunity to develop creative, cognitive, and communication skills.

Specifically, we aim to:

-Offer essential training in theater and the related arts so that the student is prepared for further training and/or experience at the graduate and/or professional levels;

-Provide the opportunity for the student to develop as high a level of cognitive and communications (reading, writing, speaking, movement) skills as the individual's own capacities permit;

-Provide through the production program an arena for optimum development of social and living skills; and

-Cultivate the enlargement of interests to the end that the student's potential for achievement, life enjoyment, and responsibility to a democratic and diverse society is vastly extended.

These objectives are facilitated by the University requirement that all undergraduate students complete a common Core of approximately 36 credits in addition to their major area. Further, the department requires study in one subject outside of Theater to further encourage the enlargement of the student's interests.

In addition to the intensive classes in all disciplines, the department encourages workshop productions done by students, faculty, or staff. These opportunities augment participation in major productions and are a natural extension of classroom work.

The student's curriculum is intended to balance work within the Department of Theater and work in broad areas of education outside the department with practical experience in the many phases of theater production. The successful student can leave the program with a background of basic skills and information as well as practical experience in the theatrical discipline. The Theater major provides an excellent educational opportunity for students, regardless of career objectives.

The Theater department is accredited by NAST, The National Association of Schools of Theater.

Faculty Advising

Advising is an important part of the education of students in Theater. Majors are first assigned to the Academic Advising Center and later to a faculty adviser. Students are encouraged to consult their adviser on academic matters, production experiences, and career objectives.

Requirements for the Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater is organized to provide Theater core courses that each entering class takes together throughout their four-year program and emphasis areas that can be selected. The degree will be awarded to students who have met the following requirements:

-Graduation requirements of Temple University, including successful completion of the University Core Curriculum.

-Completion of the following required Theater foundation courses with a grade of C or better in each course.

-Completion of a minimum of 63 s.h. outside of Theater

-No more than 20 credits of work in the major field may be transferred from another institution.

-All Theater majors must pass the placement tests in English and mathematics. A student who fails any one of these tests must successfully complete English 0040 and the required mathematics course(s).

Theater Foundation Courses

Requirements for a Minor in Theater

Transfer credits are not accepted for credit for the minor in theater. Students must receive the permission of their adviser before starting in this program. Once the minor has been approved, students must follow the academic rules of the Department of Theater for all theater courses. Minor credit is not given for theater grades below C. Students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in the minor. Students with Theater averages under 2.0 for more than two semesters will be dropped from the program. Students with averages under 2.0 may not begin the program.

The following are suggested four-year course plans for the student entering with no high school deficiencies and passing the placement tests in English and mathematics:

General Theater Studies

Acting Emphasis

Design Emphasis

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