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Joseph Schwartz, Chair
4th floor, Gladfelter Hall

Undergraduate faculty advisors:

Fall 2003: 

Ben Stavis 
439 Gladfelter Hall                              

Spring 2004:

Robin Kolodny
437 Gladfelter Hall

The Political Science major and minor provide systematic study of politics in the United States (federal, state, and local), in foreign countries, in the relations between countries, and from a theoretical perspective.  The department puts special emphasis on the role of institutions in shaping political behavior as well as on issues of political economy.

     The key educational goal is analytical thinking.  We want students to recognize and understand various patterns in the distribution of political power and recurrent models of political behavior. We also hope that students will gain insight into the relationship between the distribution of resources and power within society and political outcomes. As politics inherently involves how societies distribute life opportunities, we also hope that students will reflect upon the moral choices involved in political life. The department furthermore helps students develop the capacity to conduct empirical research that can illuminate and help revise theoretical models of politics. We expect students to use a full range of data and to write clearly.

     Political Science graduates pursue a wide range of careers.  They may work in government offices (at all levels), political campaigns, private voluntary organizations, unions and community organizations, as well as private sector corporations.  Some go into teaching.  A degree in Political Science is also excellent preparation for law school.

·The department can arrange internships, which are typically linked to academic study.

·  The department has two important student organizations:   the Political Science Majors Association and Political Science Honor Society - Pi  Sigma Alpha, Temple Chapter.



Required courses

Department Course # Course Name Hours Core Indicator
Introduction - required  

Political Science
C051 The American Political System (Honor Students take HO91) 3 AC

Introduction to Political Philosophy


3 WI
Subtotal     6  
Introduction - select one (1):    

Political Science
C052 Foreign Government and Politics (Honor Students take H0 92) 3 IS
C053 International Politics (Honor Students take H093) 3 IS
Subtotal     3  
Electives - select  seven (7):    
Political Science
0110 The Legislative Process 3  
0115 The American Supreme Court 3  
0116 Judicial and Bureaucratic Administration of Justice 3  
0117 American Constitutional Principles I 3  
0118 American Constitutional Principles II: Civil Rights in America 3  
0124 Interest Group Politics 3  
0125  Media and the Political Process 3  
0126 American Public Opinion 3  
0127 Campaigns, Elections, and the Media 3  
0129 American Party System 3  
0133 Politics, Rights, and Sexual Orientation 3  
0135 Urban Politics and Problems 3  
0136 Metropolitan Philadelphia 3  
0141 Politics of Inequality 3  
0143 Popular Culture and the City 3  
0145 American State and Local Politics 3  
0150 U.S. Public Policy Making 3  
0151 Public Policy Analysis 3  
0152 U.S. Environmental Policy 3  
0153 Politics of Poverty 3  
0158 Business and Public Policy 3  
0165 Public Administration 3  
W190 Political Fiction 3 WI
0201 Democracy in Europe 3  
0210 Russia and New Democracies 3  
0215 Comparative Politics: Developing Nations 3  
0236 China: Politics and Revolution 3  
0238 East Asia and the United States 3  
0241 Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Politics 3  
W244 Politics of Modern Capitalism 3 WI
0250 Foreign Policy Analysis 3  
0251 U.S. Foreign Policy 3  
0260 Post-Cold War Security 3  
0261 Politics of the Global Economy 3  
W262 The International Legal Order 3  
0263 International Organization 3 WI
0264 Theories of War and Peace 3  
0265 International Environmental Policy 3  
0270 Classical Political Philosophy 3  
0271 Modern Political Philosophy 3  
0272 American Political thought 3  
0273 Marxism and Politics 3  
0274 Personality and Politics 3  
0275 Theory and Uses of Power 3  
0276 Democracy, Capitalism, and Socialism 3  
0277 Theories of Justice 3  
0291 Junior Fall Honors Seminar 3  
0292 Junior Honors Seminar 3  
0302 Women and Politics 3  
0303 Seminar in American Government 3  
0310 Seminar in Comparative Politics 3  
0316 Seminar in International Politics 3  
0322 Seminar in Political Philosophy 3  
0327 Seminar in Public Administration 3  
0371-0372-0373 Cooperative Education Project in Political Science I, II, III 1-2-3  
0382-0383-0384 Directed Research and Field Study 1-2-3  
0391 Senior Fall Honors Seminar 3  
0392 Senior Honors Seminar 3  
SubTotal 21  





Courses should be sequenced so that students take the introductory courses before the upper level courses.   PS 51 is an introduction to U.S. politics, and should be taken before upper level courses about U.S. politics.  Similarly, PS 52 introduces foreign governments and proceeds upper level courses in this field.  PS 53 introduces International politics and is a prerequisite for upper level courses in this field.  PS W101* introduces Political Theory and serves as a capstone course in the major.  It should be taken after a student has had several political science courses and should proceed upper level theory courses

Not all courses are offered every semester.  Please check the Semester Class Schedule or departmental web page for actual course offerings each semester.


Required courses


Course #

Course Name


Core Indicator

Introduction - select two        
Political Science C051 The American Political System(Honor Students take HO91) 3 AC
  C052 Foreign Government and Politics(Honor Students take H092) 3 IS
  C053 International Politics(Honor Students take HO 93) 3 IS
  W101 Introduction to Political Philosophy 3 W


Total    18


* Indicates writing capstone for major

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