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Program Descriptions
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Program Descriptions


Elementary Education (With Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education)

Program Coordinator
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The Elementary Education program is designed to prepare teachers to work in programs servicing children in nursery school, kindergarten, primary, and intermediate grades. It is designed to help students gain an appreciation and understanding of children, develop personally and professionally, and acquire a sound philosophy of education. 

By working directly with children several times prior to student teaching, the student can study the reactions of children of various ages to different situations and thereby gain insight into the creation of learning situations and the planning of teaching procedures which meet the needs of children. 

Students must be accepted into the certification program prior to taking methods courses (see advisor). Observation, participation, and teaching within the practicum are further extended during student teaching where competency of teaching skills is demonstrated.

Early Childhood Education and Special Education Options

In the new undergraduate program, all students will obtain certification in Elementary Education. Students must then choose an additional area for certification in either Early Childhood Education or Special Education. In addition, a third certificate may be obtained by taking additional course work (beyond the 128 credits required for the double certificate program). 

General Studies, Professional Course Sequence and Core Requirements
Several restrictions and additions to the requirements listed above (see Other Requirements for College of Education Students) apply to students in this program: 

  1. The Literature requirement must be met by taking any one of the following:
    • C056 American Literature; 
    • X084 Introduction to Literature; 
    • W082 Introduction to Fiction; 
    • English 0114 Survey of English Literature: Beginnings to 1660; 
    • 0115 Survey of English Literature: 1660-1900; 
    • W116 Survey of American Literature I; 
    • 0117 Survey of American Literature II 
  2. A required course in Linguistics, English 0111 (Introduction to Linguistics) or Communication Sciences 0108, or Anthropology 0127 must be taken and passed with a grade of C or better. This course must be taken before English Education 0120 or 0 121. 
  3. In addition to the required two-course sequence in Science, students must take at least one additional course in another science. 
  4. Two additional courses in Social Science must be taken from the following list (choose one of the following):
    • Economics CO50: Principles of Economics
    • Economics C051: (Macroeconomic Principles)
    • Economics C052: (Microeconomic Principles) 
    • Economics C054: (Economic Principles for Education majors) 
    • Economics C055: (Global Economic Issues)
    • Geography and Urban Studies W050: (Environment and Society) 
    • Geography and Urban Studies C060: (World Urban Patterns) 
    • Geography and Urban Studies C080: (Geography of the United States) 
    • Geography and Urban Studies R055: (Urban Society: Race and Class). 
Program Requirements (for existing program)
Elementary Education
0324 Practices in Early Childhood/Special Education  3
Art/Music/Dance/Creative Performance 3
Elementary Education
0230 Reading/Language Arts Practicum 2
0231 Mathematics/Science Practicum 2
English Education
W260 Teaching Integrated Language, Reading & Writing  6
Math Education
0141 Teaching Mathematics: N-6  3
Science Education
0150 Teaching Science: N-6 3
Social Studies 
0160 Teaching Social Studies: N-6 3
0275 Student Teaching  9

Students must choose a minimum of one additional area of Certification:
Early Childhood Education
0320 Childhood Development & Implementation in Early Childhood
0321 Family/School/Community Environments for Young Children 3
0322 Observing, Documenting, & Assessing Young Children's
 Learning:  A Field-Based Seminar
Special Education
0310 Inclusive Learning Environments 3
0311 Best Practices in Special Education 3
0322 Cognition, Language & Literacy 3

University Core, General Education & Professional Education Core Courses 76 
Elementary Education Courses 34
Additional Certificate Courses (Early Childhood or Special Education)  9
Additional Credits 9


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